K-array is off to the races at Formula 1

Formula 1 races are the biggest and the most exciting open events run around the world, but the race isn’t only about high-tech engineering and pushing the limit. What about what happens around the race? Formula 1 is also about entertainment both on and off the track with associated festivities and events designed to keep spectators on their toes and entertained while they anticipate who will bring home the victory. Since 1922, crowds have been gathering to the Monza racetrack, one of the most notorious and fastest circuits in F1, where the legendary Barrichello in a Ferrari set a new record in 2004.


Powered like the drink of the same brand name that was bought for a symbolic one dollar, a pretty profitable investment considering its rank at number one, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team was off to the races on September 7th for Italy’s Grand Prix F1 with Sennheiser, the team’s Official Audio Supplier.

Either catching glimpses of them either from afar or seeing them on our TV sets, the race team boxes are like a home-away-from home; used for meeting up with people (sometimes also for business deals), and parties, thus a top-notch sound reinforcement system needs to be utilized to drown out the engine roars. A K-array KR202 was brought in for the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club suite’s DJ booth. The high tech ultra-light powered stereo system was the top choice because of its simple features, compactness and excellent performance even in open-air.


“Given the huge amounts of noise at an F1 race, clarity of sound is a hugely important factor which is why K-array equipment was selected for our hospitality. The week-end was a huge success…both on and off the track” Kerry Arnold, Hospitality Manager Red Bull Racing, commented.

Considering that Red Bull took the victory in Italy’s 2013 GP edition… we can imagine the rest.

info: en-uk.sennhesier.com
info: www.infiniti-redbullracing.com
info: www.k-array.com

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