ASCL Installs Q-Sys™ for ICC Light & Music Show in Hong Kong

Earlier this year, as part of the province’s inaugural ICC Light & Music show, two of Hong Kong’s two tallest buildings, the harbor side International Finance Centre (IFC) and the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon, were linked permanently via a new audio network controlled by the QSC Q-Sys networked audio platform. Whenever a show is underway at the ICC, the new network passes music and control data from the ICC Control Room to synchronized LED fascia lighting displays and to a new sound system that includes QSC loudspeakers and amplifiers in and outside the IFC mall.

“Q-Sys was the only audio management system that could offer built-in audio playback and DSP, full monitoring of any input and control of the amplification and speakers, all down a standard fibre connection between the IFC and ICC, and with full redundancy and remote management functions,” states Tommy Ho, ASCL’s Senior Sales Manager.

From the ICC control room, music and PA announcements are passed to a Q-Sys Core 250i, under the control of a TSC-3 touchscreen. The Core is linked by a broadband connection to the master clock at the Hong Kong Observatory, and via a further high-bandwidth fibre-optic connection to a second Core 250i unit in the IFC’s control room. From there, audio is played out at scheduled times (clocked back to the Observatory) into 16 QSC AD-S282H speakers installed around and outside the venue’s Podiums 3 and 4 and powered by three QSC PowerLight 340 amplifiers, allowing visitors to enjoy the LED lightshows on display in sync with accompanying music. Settings on this second Core 250i at the IFC are user-adjustable via a further QSC TSC-3 touch panel in the IFC Hub. The entire system was specified and installed by Audio System Consultants Asia Ltd (ASCL), the QSC distributor in Hong Kong.


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