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Placido Domingo at Buenos Aires

Nicholas Cutuli, technical area manager of the company and Mario Baglietto, head of the firm, were kind enough to answer my questions, one rainy afternoon in Rosario, Argentina. How did Baglietto Estructuras begin its activities?

Baglietto Estructuras: The company started before my arrival – about 18 years ago – as a company dedicated to lighting, among other services, but over time, Mario Baglietto (current owner of the company) decided to focus on assembly structures. How is the company structured?

Baglietto Estructuras: Mario is General Manager; while I am in charge of technical management, and we also have administrative, assembly and warehouse and storage divisions. Besides, we also have sales offices in Buenos Aires, which run together with Baglietto Producciones, managed by Juan Carlos Baglietto (renowned musician and entrepreneur). Sometimes, for certain works, we also hire external engineers and personnel. How have the materials used for temporary structures evolved?

Baglietto Estructuras: The most marked advance was the addition of the Layher system over the previously used traditional system of pipes and nodes. The Layher system has a piece with 8 holes with which we join vertical / horizontal parts together using wedges and hammers. With regards to design, this system is much safer than the system previously used, besides, it also incorporates several accessories that increase safety levels even more during assembly tasks. In fact, new accessories are introduced continuously. Do you guys design your own items or components?

Baglietto Estructuras: Yes, we constantly develop and manufacture parts and accessories. For costs issues, import restrictions, or because of the particularity of each assembly, which may require special items. Designing scenarios, stands, and innovative temporary structures that surprise and look different forces us to grow, invest and overcome new challenges. Can you speak about work you have done?

Baglietto Estructuras: We have a long history that has led us to work in countless locations in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. We have been present with our services in national and international shows, among which Gun’s and Roses, Michael Buble, Joe Cooker, Sabina, Serrat, Bob Dylan, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Arjona, Juan Luis Guerra, Thalia, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Fito Paez, Charly Garcia, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, divided, Lice, La Renga, Bersuit, La Mosca, Alejandro Lerner, Patricia Sosa, among many others. We have also participated in events such as the Dakar Rally, the Women’s Hockey World Cup, 4 Nations Hockey Tournament, Tecnopolis, the World Cup Sub20, the World Cup of Volleyball, and many more events. How many stages can be built at the same time?

Baglietto Estructuras: We have up to three stages of so-called “Class A” in stadiums or large spaces, simultaneously. It rarely happens in the local market, but we have operational capacity to do so. How do you start a new job with a new client?

Baglietto Estructuras: We receive and chat to them to find out what they need. We believe that the key is to be clear about what is offered, the scope of the service, and the conditions of the contract to avoid misunderstandings. We find out as much as we can about the location as there may be factors that affect the project, and therefore, the price of the service. Is it usual to receive special specifications to build a stage or do you only work with standard dimensions?

Baglietto Estructuras: Yes, we receive special orders and we promote them. For example, for the work we did on the National Students Holiday in July, the stage was totally off the scale and standaan, measuring 80 meters from one end to thevother, and a height of 24 meters. The stage of Fiesta de la Vendimia is also another non-standard work. We like challenges and we specialize in this type of work outside the typical stage, a scenic area and two lateral wings. How have safety standards changed over the years?

Baglietto Estructuras: Security requirements are now very strict, especially with regards to industrial assembly. Clients who hire us request that all personnel have all necessary protective equipment, and ensure the safety of users, and third parties during assembly, disarmament, as well as for the entire duration of use of the structures. In my opinion, both the company and all Baglietto Estructuras personnel have moved along a well defined path of training and awareness, full of internal and external requirements, which do not lead to unsafe actions or improvisation. Moreover, we invest continuously in training our staff to meet internal safety protocols and regulations. How long does it take to assemble a big stage?

Baglietto Estructuras:  There is no standard time, since it depends on the project, technical and human resources to be used, and the accessibility of the site, among other factors. In recent years, we have greatly reduced execution times, especially regarding loading, unloading, transport and logistics. All this thanks to an ambitious plan for development and investment, ranging from packaging to machinery means success (i.e., cranes, forklifts and trucks). Do you have deposits elsewhere in the country?

Baglietto Estructuras: Most of the material is here, but we also have a warehouse in Buenos Aires. Considering that controls or requirements in shows are much more flexible than in industry, can we assume that working on shows does not require much control?

Baglietto Estructuras: The risks involved in mounting shows or structures are basically the same as for industries, for example, working at a height is the same on stage or in the assembly industry. Unfortunately, the same security requirements are than not required for shows as for industrial orders, which enables unskiled providers to have access to these services, which therefore does not have the same costs, and therefore generates price distortions in the market, with unnecessary great risks. I think the producer or contractor also plays a fundamental role, since because of their ignorance, omission, or simply by an apparent economic advantage, they often opt for unprofessional options. In the industry you cannot do anything if you do not meet safety standards. Something that does not benefit shows is time. There are very strict dates that cannot be stretched and that sometimes leads to not paying the due attention to security issues.



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