Martin Audio makes breathrough in Romania

Martin Audio’s Romanian distributor, Simo Sound SRL (Disco Zone), recently undertook a presentational tour, selecting key components from the UK manufacturer’s portfolio to take to different venues in their home city of Constanta.

These demo events utilised a total of four Blackline H3T+ high performance, horn-loaded, three-way systems, four WS218X subwoofers and two XD15 high-output, wide-bandwidth, two-way systems. Powering these were a series of Martin Audio MA9.6K, MA18K and MA2.0, optimised with the help of a DX2 loudspeaker management system.

The venues visited included Mamaia Resort, the famous holiday destination known as the pearl of the Romanian coast, nearby Ipanera Beach, Club Crush and Tan Tan Beach Club.

Explaining the rationale behind the exposure, Simo Sound’s Doru Gheorge said they had wanted to demonstrate the superiority of Martin Audio products and its signature sound, compared with other brands available in the Romanian marketplace. The venues were selected based on availability of club and equipment, location, client types and types of event staged.

“We wanted to use clubs, beach bars, lounge bar and, restaurants in order to demonstrate the full flexibility of the system,” he continued. “Both the set-up at each location and the technical presentation itself were carried out by our sound engineer.”

In order to optimise the sound image, the system was configured as separate stacks (with tops and sub-bass) and positioned depending on each active zone to underline the maximum efficiency of the speakers (in terms of acoustic and sound pressure levels).

This attracted a wide range of industry professionals, including club and restaurant owners, DJ’s, rental companies — and vacationing tourists!
Summing up, Mr. Gheorghe said the experiment had been a huge success. “Both DJs and musicians who played through the system keep telling us that it was the first time they had heard exactly what they were playing through a sound system.

“We hope this is just the start of creating much greater awareness of Martin Audio’s premium brand in Romania.”


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