PR Llighting Boosts Live DVD Recording in South Africa

Based outside the South African city of Johannesburg, Woord en Lewe (Word and Life) Church annually hosts Live DVD/CD recordings within its highly developed technical infrastructure.

This September, resident group Word and Life Worship — described as “a high-energy praise and passionate worship band spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ” — were again under the spotlight. Local sound and lighting specialists Prosound, PR Lighting’s new South African distributors, provided a fully dynamic lightshow consisting of fixtures from the Chinese manufacturer to really make the performance come alive in the Boksburg-based church.

These included 10 XLED 1037 (Characterised by the use of 37 x 10 Watt RGBW LEDs, containing four colours in one), 10 XLED 336 (a compact, super bright, LED moving head, featuring rapid and quiet movement) and 10 XR 200 Beam (delivering an unprecedented brightness in its class, with an incredible output of 67,765 lux at 20 metres) — as well as other PR Lighting heads.

To maximize the event and swell the congregation, record companies and other churches from all over the region were invited with heavy promotion on radio stations and in local press.

In order to get full dynamics and beam movement from the rig, Prosound made their resident lighting designer Chenn de Wet available and he designed an inspired show, based on PR Lighting’s lightweight fixtures, which offer a high beam quality.

Afterwards, Andrew Graham, Woord en Lewe Worship Team Leader, described the recording as “an awesome experience for me and the whole team. I can honestly describe this as one, if not THE highlight of my life.”

The church had approached Prosound as one of the leading sound and lighting companies in South Africa. “We’ve built a good relationship over the past few years and they provide excellent service; they are very professional and are always willing to go the extra mile,” he said.

“The lighting was very impressive and far beyond my expectation. In fact this event would not have been the same without the lights.”

And Ian Blair, Prosound Lighting general manager, added, “This was a great way to kick off our new role as PR Lighting distributors. It was great to see the lights in action and the response was spectacular.”

Meanwhile, the church is currently setting up distribution deals and hopes to have the album available in music retail stores across South Africa, and on all the major online stores like iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody etc.


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