Sound is my life at K-array’s GDM

K-array hosted its annual global distribution meeting on October 2nd and 3rd at their company’s Head Quarters in San Piero a Sieve. The meeting pulled together the Italian brand’s partners from the four corners of the globe as management discussed the company’s milestones of the past year and the strategy for the future.

In their address to the company’s distributors, forward-looking statements were made by management: Alex Tatini and Massimo Ferrati – co-Presidents, underlined that it takes passion and team-work to move ahead, stating that “our job is like no other, what has shaped us is our dedication to sound”.

Andrea Torelli – Marketing & Communication Manager reported on the company’s achievements in corporate branding and product marketing in the international arena, outlining the challenges that lay ahead and how K-array’s innovative vision to its marketing strategy will push the brand forward in the following years.

While Andrea’s focus was on the style and design of how to get the company’s mission across to its stakeholders, Michel Brouard – VP Sales, reviewed the year’s achievements in terms of numbers cited some outstanding growth figures, benchmarking them against todays’ turbulent global economy. To take the lead, amongst K-array’s best sellers were elements from the Redline series: from the top down, the KR402, KR202, KR102.

A global meeting at K-array is never complete without a prominent presentation of its products. Among updates of the guiding force behind state-of-the-art software and upcoming training workshops, Francesco Maffei – Product Specialist, proudly revealed that up –to-now the global number of the Anakonda KAN200 has reached a length of 1.5km, a figure that is impressive taking into account that the new series was launched in January 2013.

As always is the way with K-array, the underlining “family spirit” once again, brought the notorious K-face, the jaw-dropping expression that people get when they hear and see K-array systems, as Francesco and Alex gave a preview of new products, soon to be released in the following year.

While it might be hard to predict which products and ideas will be successful in ten or twenty years’ time, one thing seems to be certain: K-array will remain on the cutting-edge for many years to come.

To honor exemplary work done in the past year, the dinner award ceremony thanked the following:

Best Workshop – Gobos do Brasil

Best Live Event – Sennheiser Canada

Best Mediterranean Installation – Lotus Technologji, Turkey

Best Use of Portable system – First Audio

Best open n Air Opera Installation – Exhibo, Italia

Best Hotel installation – Music Lenz, Austria

Best Broadcast Show – Exhibo, Italia

Best Events Calendar – Sennheiser Honk Kong

Best Sound & Light Design – Sennheiser USA

Best Roadshow 2013– Sennheiser UK

Best Exhibition – Gobos do Brasil

Best Educational facility Installation – Sennheiser USA

Most Original theatrical installation – MAVT, Denmark

First Anakonda used in broadcast– Tius, Germany

Best House of Worship Installation – Soundus, Korea

Best sales Distributor – Sennheiser Hong Kong


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