Selena Gomez Takes Badit on Her Stars Dance Tour

Superstar Selena Gomez is appeasing her millions of fans worldwide with the stunning Stars Dance Tour, which will cover the US, Canada and Europe and promote her number one selling album Stars Dance. Having worked with Bandit before, the pop’s reining princess and her team are trusting Seth Jackson and Bandit Lites’ again to light the colossal tour.

Lighting designer Nathan W. Scheuer worked with Seth Jackson, who serves as the creative director and production designer, to create a dramatic lighting design for the tour. Since her breakout role on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” Selena has been evolving into more mature roles, including a recently released thrilled “Getaway” and the acclaimed indie-flick “Spring Breakers.”

“Selena drove this conversation,” explained Jackson. “From the beginning she wanted to push the boundary of her show: More adult; more elegant; 1950s movie star quality; Judy Garland kind of poise and elegance.”

“I designed the set and the overall production and then turned the specifics over to the two people I rely on for everything; Nathan W. Scheuer (lights) and Brent Sandrock (video),” said Jackson. “After working on my own for 15 years, it means everything to have the collaboration with these two brilliant and talented guys.”

Equipment used includes VL 3500 spots, VL 3000 washes, GRN Par 3-36’s, Robe Robin 600s, Robe 1200s, Pointes, Robin 100s and two Grand MA2 Lite consoles.

“The Robe 100s line the S runway that goes 40ft into the house, the 1200s are on the house trusses, the pointes are all over the stage and the 600s are on a midstage truss to light the dancers. We have three trusses over the stage and 4 curved trusses that cover the thrust and audience.”

David (Fuji) Covertino is the touring Lighting Director and Programmer. Bandits’ crew includes Jason Workman, Scot Sepe, Joshua Fenn and Patrick Cowden.

Bandits’ unwavering support for its clients and team members is one of the many reasons Jackson enjoys working with Bandit and its crew.

“Since 1999, I have had the privilege of working with Bandit on numerous projects and tours,” explained Jackson. “Mike Golden and the staff have an energy and craft for problem solving that I can always count on. In the process of Selena we had numerous versions of the rig and equipment list, and yet at every turn we found a solution that got everyone aligned, stayed on budget, and kept the client happy. It gives me great confidence walking into rehearsals knowing what a quality team I have supporting me.”

“We are quite honored to be working with this organization again,” said Golden, Bandits’ vice-president. “The production team of John Lafferty and Mark Holloway are complete professionals, and of course, Seth and his team are always a joy.”


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