Santana Blossoms with SGM SixPacks

Brazilian singer Luan Santana had his breakthrough in 2010 with a best-seller album, before continuing to climb the Billboard charts with his second album. Already known for presenting some of the most expansive concerts, there was little doubt that the recordings of his recent show for the Luan Santana DVD would be over the top.

Consequently, lighting designer, Marcos Olivio, was presented with one of the challenges of the year. With the intention of doing a live concert and subsequently an electronic Rave ballad with Santana’s band for recording, Arena Maeda in São Paulo was selected as the ideal location. “We believed that an audience of 10,000 people would be a great number for a ‘comfortable’ party,” he smiles.

Spectrum Design e Iluminação supplies complete technology solutions for large-scale projects such as this, and the company excelled with an unprecedented innovative lighting design by Olivio. Included in the set-up were more than a hundred SGM fixtures (40 SixPack blinders and 64 P-5 wash lights) as well as 24 Ribalta and 24 Synthesis Wash 700 added for the Rave event.

Olivio has worked with SGM products for many years and cooperated closely with SGM’s Brazilian distributor, L.B.O., but this was his first hands-on experience with the new LED product range from SGM. The lighting designer noted many positives about the LED products, commenting that “the power output is truly optimised on the new line of LED products produced by the regenerated SGM.”

The SixPacks were used as lateral lighting effects, beamed towards the audience, while the P-5s were mounted to circumvent the walkways — and the result was excellent according to Olivio. “Another important detail is that these units were unprotected from rain, but working with IP65 fixtures I did not have to worry about that. The overall result was as excellent as expected.”

With many more projects in the pipeline contemplating SGM’s new range, L.B.O.’s MD, João Alonso, is very happy with the success of the DVD recording of Luan Santana and the popularity of the SGM products on the Brazilian market.


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