Entec Supplies Sound for Skunk Anansie Tour

West London based rental and technical solutions provider Entec is supplying the current Skunk Anansie festival tour with a control and monitor system, working with the band’s long term engineers Paul Ramsay (FOH) and Simon Higgs on Monitors.

The highly critically acclaimed Skunk Anansie has also been one of Entec Sound’s most regular clients since 1998. Once again they came to Entec for the great service, excellent equipment and fabulous team of people there, which include Entec’s Head of Sound Dick Hayes, who is also the account handler and James Kerridge who is out on the tour as systems tech.

Entec is supplying a Midas PRO9 console for FOH and some of Ramsay’s selection of extraneous effects, which include a TC M6000 multi FX unit as one of his regular toys, together with a classic Yamaha SPX 990, a TC 2290 delay, a pair of Avalon VT737SP pre-amps and a TubeTech LCA2B valve compressor, all which help to produce the fabulously rich and incredibly powerful live mix for which the band’s performances are renowned.

These additional outboards all help add that detailed and intricate touch of Ramsay magic.

He is using a Waves Maxx BCL bass synthesiser to increase the low end swell and also as a hard limiter for venues with noise restrictions. It allows the operator to pin the dB levels which can be extremely useful!

Other toys include a Radial Phase Bank, used to phase-align the kick drum and bass to accentuate the distinctive big beefy sound of the band.

The PRO9 is supplied complete with two DL431 24-channel mic-splitters and a stage box system.

The band have their own Shure in-ear-monitors and radio mics.

Entec is supplying a pair of its ‘monster’ festival side fills, which comprise of one d&b B2-Sub complete with two C7-Subs & two C7-Tops per side. These create a serious amount of loudness and air movement – and also look very rock ‘n’ roll! Two C7-Subs are being supplied for drum fills.

Dick Hayes comments, “Skunk Anansie is an absolutely wonderful client, it’s always a pleasure to work with them … and has been for many years. Paul works very hard to get a great sound with amazing results”.

Paul Ramsay and Simon Higgs have also been working on shows for The Who this summer, with their places on the Skunk tour then dep’d by Big Nobby (Alan Hopkinson) at FOH and Yogi Novissimo on monitors.

info: www.entec-soundandlight.com

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