d&b audiotechnik on Show at CITT

“It’s my favorite event of the year. Conferences like CITT are so much fun because they provide an awesome opportunity to meet new people and see friends,” raves Trevor Nash of d&b audiotechnik, who recently attended his third CITT event. This year, the Canadian International Theatre Technology, or CITT, held their annual trade show in Calgary, Alberta, August 15-18. Nash, Regional Sales Manager and François Corbin, General Manager of d&b audiotechnik Canada, were there to demonstrate the latest version of the d&b ArrayCalc V7 simulation software.

“d&b has been working with ArrayCalc for years. However, we are never satisfied to just settle for what we have. Each new version finds a way to improve on the last,” explains Corbin. “For example, until now, the system has only been able to simulate planning configurations for line arrays. Now, the same simple, yet very accurate calculations can be applied to point source systems as well.”


The ArrayCalc V7 now allows for designs with up to five listening planes, four of which may manifest as balconies, making it ideal for even the most complex multipurpose venues. To ensure efficiency, the system offers extremely accurate alignment and delay features. As the software system adapts to the full range of d&b loudspeakers, and exports easily to the d&b R1 Remote control software, the ArrayCalc V7 streamlines any show set up.

Confident in the consistency and performance of the ArrayCalc software, d&b not only showed it on the booth at the trade show, but also offered a CITT seminar to demonstrate the ease of a real time design using ArrayCalc V7. Trevor Nash, though relatively new to d&b, enjoyed being able to help other technicians learn about a system he believes in, “We know we have a system that works, as we wouldn’t sell it otherwise. The seminar was a great opportunity to show first hand, what the system could offer our clients, as well as advance our community’s concepts of sound design. Education is a primary focus for d&b. Every person on staff receives training to ensure we are knowledgeable and effective in addressing any level of technician whether beginner or advanced. CITT is also popular among students, and it is important to support their growth within the industry.”

At the conference, d&b audiotechnik also featured the T10 loudspeaker from their T-Series, as well as various loudspeakers from the xS-Series. Alongside these were the d&b D6 and D12 amplifiers.

info: citt.org/annual_conference.html
info: www.dbaudio.com

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