Eventec Makes A Pointe

Aalsmeer, Netherlands based technical solutions and rental company Eventec has recently invested in over 80 new Robe moving lights, including Pointes, LEDWash 300s and MMX WashBeams … all to keep pace with their busy schedule.

This includes the supply of lighting, video and audio to the Aalsmeer Studio complex for United Broadcast Facilities (UBF) which produces a slew of leading TV shows including ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, it’s junior version ‘The Next Generation’, the Dutch Junior Eurovision Song Contest, ‘IQ Test’ and numerous others.

Eventec’s MD Wijnand Mol and his co-Director Frans Mulckhuijse also head up the very successful events production operation Liberty Entertainment, for which Eventec is also the principal technical supplier.

In 2012, Eventec purchased 24 x Robe LEDWash 300s and six LEDBeam 100s to service that series of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (Lighting Designer Henk-Jan van Beek from Light-H-Art).

It was their first investment in the Robe brand and proved such a success – not just on that show but on several others and with many LDs – that they followed up with this next major purchase.

“LDs on the TV shows we serve are all asking for these Robe fixtures – for Pointes, MMX WashBeams and LEDWashes,” explains Wijnand.

The LEDWashes are “Great fixtures” for lighting sets and stages he states; the Pointe is a truly multi-purpose fixture and still “Small, light and convenient to handle” while the MMX WashBeam has “many extra features” including the barn door module which effectively makes it into a hugely versatile profile unit, and its speed means it’s excellent as a spot or an aerial effect.

He also explains that Eventec and several other rental companies in the Amsterdam area – notably Haarlem based React – are working together to build up stocks of Robes that can be cross-hired when one or more company lands a major project needing more lights than they have available. He says this grown up approach to business co-operation is proving “A brilliant and inspiring model”.

Eventec was founded by Wijnand and Frans in 2007. The company HQ is also at the Aalsmeer Studio complex and they service a myriad of shows and events including concert tours, festivals, corporates and a variety of dancing championships like Latin, Ballroom, etc.

Wijnand first saw The Pointe at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt and soon after received a full demo from Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.

He particularly likes the fixture’s wash effect and of course its intensity. “I have never seen a fixture before that can do so many things really well and LDs all love it because it’s something completely different!”

info: www.robe.cz

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