Spotlight at BIRTV China 2013 with Advanced Communication Equipment

Spotlight srl will be attending BIRTV 2013 in China, August 21-24, together with its local distributor for Hong Kong and China, ACE (Advanced Communication Equipment), a well-established Company specialized in Professional Lighting and Audio for broadcasting.

Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) is China’s top-notch exhibition for the broadcasting industry of radio, film & TV, and is considered a remarkable show locally, as well as abroad.

For ACE and Spotlight this show is a traditional meeting spot for the professional TV market, where the Spotlight’s fixtures are well-known as the best choice for quality of light, energy saving and low costs of maintenance.

At their booth, ACE and Spotlight will be exhibiting a wide selection of fixture from the GreenLine, the most complete and high-performing LED range of luminaires for the professional TV including Fresnels, Profiles, Day Lights, Flood Lights and Followspots from 50W up to 600W in monochromatic, tuneable white and RGBW, available with DMX and full RDM control.

Visitors can see and test at the booth the new 200W and 250W Fresnels and Profiles, ideally designed for TV and Film studios, available in fixed white (natural, cold or warm), tuneable white (3000-6500K) and in RGBW version, for an infinite rainbow of pure colours and colour temperatures.

Moreover, ACE will be showcasing the Spotlight’s exclusive Motorised ARC System, available on the whole wide range of products.

Thanks to this advanced system of DMX motorised Yokes, it’s possible to remote-control from the lighting desk every ARC motorized fixture in a TV studio, making the studio itself flexible and suitable for different broadcast and TV production lighting sets, saving manpower, time and costs.

Last but not least, at the booth ACE we’ll be showing the Spotlight’s 2 or 3 ways PO System: Pole Operated yokes for safe and easy adjustment of fixed lighting fixtures without the risks of manual working in heights or when the budget doesn’t allow the use of Motorized Yokes.

All the Pole Operated yokes are equipped with a clutch system that prevents the damage of the gear boxes in case of over-focusing or bad-stocking or handling the fixtures, like on travel.

Since 1969, thanks to continuous working in the internal R&D department, Spotlight have kept on increasing the wide range of professional lighting – ISO 9001 certified – and the related services for the performing arts, the architectural market and the broadcasting industry.

Spotlight provides its technology to the most important public and private television networks, as RAI in Italy and in over 100 Countries all around the world, through its distribution network.


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