XL Events Supplies Innovative Video Solutions for Shell Eco-Marathon Europe

Shell Eco-Marathon is one of the world’s most original and challenging student innovation competitions. Held annually in Europe, America and Asia, it brings together people who are passionate about developing sustainable solutions to energy issues. The challenge for science, design, engineering and technology students is to design, build and drive the ultimate energy efficient vehicle.

In 2013, the European Shell Eco-marathon was held at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for the second year. XL Events worked with creative agency Imagination to supply an innovative video and audio package to produce an interactive game experience.

XL Events Shell Eco Marathon - LED screen

Within the Shell Eco-marathon an interactive area known as the Shell Energy Lab included a number of exhibits based around the challenges of supplying energy in the future. Over 50,000 visitors attended throughout the course of the event. One of the exhibits saw XL Events supplying a video solution for the ‘Stress Nexus’, an interactive game based on National Geographic questions – a fully immersive HD game which tested competitors’ knowledge with real time results.

Questions were triggered wirelessly by the host via a touch screen tablet and displayed on to an 8m x 4.5m screen via XL Events’ Barco HDF W26 HD projectors. Competitors had 10 seconds to select an answer and physically move into their chosen answer zone.

Their movements were tracked using XL’s cameras and software, linked to their powerful Pandora’s Box HD Pro media servers, allowing real-time answer percentages to be displayed on-screen.

Once the correct answer was revealed, data was stored and collated on the media servers to reveal the overall result of each game. Lighting states and audio for the game were triggered via MIDI from the Pandora’s Box media servers.

Audio for the challenge was also supplied by XL Events, with D&B Q7’s and E18 sub speakers, a Shure Q5 radio microphone system, and DPA microphones all controlled by a Yamaha LS9 mixing desk.

XL Events Shell Eco Marathon - Quiz Screen

XL Events team for the event, led by Project Manager Rich Pow, included XL’s Technical Director David Mulcahy, and a team of experienced technicians including Chris Bowman, David Roberts, Rupert Barnes and Dan Mulcahy.

“Working for Imagination was a real pleasure,” commented Rich Pow. “The Shell Eco-marathon is a great event to be part of as it focuses on innovation. We’re proud to be able to contribute to that and to bring new technology solutions into the Shell Energy Lab was really exciting.”

“Pre-programming was the key element for the solution, along with pre-testing that enabled our team to really refine the system. Overall, the ‘Stress Nexus’ game was great fun to play while being educational at the same time. All the elements came together really well.”

XL Events also supplied an 8m x 4.5m Pixled F-6 LED screen in the Technical Inspection area which enabled live camera and race data to be displayed, keeping the competitors informed throughout the event.

info: www.xlvideo.com

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