QSC Integrates Audio With Video At Indian Statistical Institute

A QSC Q Sys™ audio management system, based around a Core 250i integrated processor, has been installed at the Tezpur centre of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Assam, north-east India, as part of a conference room refurbishment designed to provide improved audio input to an existing video conferencing system. The new system, supplied by Pro Visual Audio, the QSC distributor in India, and installed by the Assam-based QSC System Integration Partner Cineworth Sales and Services, now offers ISI staff clear, echo-free conferencing facilities thanks to the inclusion of AEC, the Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm. A standard feature in Q-Sys Designer Release 3.0 (and subsequent releases) and available for all Q-Sys Cores, AEC ensures that audio feedback is not introduced into the system to the detriment of speech quality and comprehensibility.

According to Biplob Saha, Deputy General Manager – Sales at Pro Visual Audio, ISI staff were using an existing video conferencing system, but were unhappy with the clarity and comprehensibility of the audio. “They wanted an open system that could be expanded in the future, and so Cineworth suggested Q-Sys. ISI also considered an alternative system from Bose, but in the end they liked the future-ready nature of the Q-Sys platform, and the fact that it’s based on industry-standard Layer 3 networking technology. They were also impressed by the AEC algorithm and that helped the QSC solution score over the competition.”

The new system accepts input from various Audio Technica microphones placed around the conference room and then passes the feeds into the QSC Core 250i processor. Audio from the connected parties on the conference system is played back through four QSC AD-S82H speakers placed around the room and driven by a QSC CX302 amplifier. Upon completion of the installation, Deepak Gracias, General Manager – Technical at Pro Visual Audio, who helped Cineworth in programming the Core 250i, commented that he could program the whole system very quickly and the sound from the QSC ADS-82H speakers was pristine. Final word goes to the integrators, Cineworth, who concluded: “The end result is awesome audio reproduction, and smiles of satisfaction from our client!”

info: www.qsc.com

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