K-array Celebrates the Summer in Norway

In the winter months much of Norway is transformed into a winter wonderland, blanketed in a layer of snow, but summer brings the heat to many parts of the country, which makes it great outdoor weather for hiking, swimming and… live music events.

The bars and restaurants along Oslo’s famous pedestrian street Karl Johan have formed the Strøksforeningen Studenterlunden association which organizes live entertainment and other surprises that inevitably occur on the most vibrant street in the city. From June 15 to August 18, the association’s creators seem to bring the highest quality of performers. Music lovers of all types are drawn and welcomed because of its’ far-reaching appeal with great performances from legendary musicians and new upcoming artists alike. The Karl Johan’s Sommerservering (opening of summer dining at Karl Johan Street) kicked off on June 15th to the tunes of the band The Real Thing. The outside jazz concert had good visibility for the audience but the sound needed to cover an outdoor area and had to be spread 180 degrees without obstructing access to the scene. K-array’s KR402 with Python tops was perfect for this event. Long throw length and clarity was essential for a good concert experience at this location, and K-array delivered this without a problem” commented Kenneth Hollås, Product manager at First Audio AS, K-array’s distributor in Norway. When we started packing for the event we figured that we didn’t need that much space and used a Citroën Berlingo to transport the compact K-array gear for the concert. After rigging the stage with sound, we had about 20 minutes to run a sound check. This was made simple for us with the K-array sound system because of their good system processors.

Mads Gudem Christensen and Fredrik Aleksander Kindberg of Dinbestefest.no AS the audio and lights-rental company were contacted by First Audio and asked to deliver sound for this concert because they are one of few rental-companies in Norway that owns a K-array KR402 sound system. “The system is compact and delivers great sound quality with long throw characteristics and minimal obstruction of the stage view” Mads Gudem Christensen stated. “The stage was already set up when we arrived, and Dinbestefest.no AS did the rigging with help from Kenneth Hollås which took about a total of two hours” Mads Gudem Christensen continued.

The entire system comprised two KR402 and two K-FLY2. Two 21” KMT21 subwoofers lined the front of the stage, 2 x 2 meter KP102 were flown with a K-FLY2 in front, while 2 x 2 meter KP102 were flown 90 degrees to FOH to cover the side of the stage. The arrangement was superb for an audience positioned in a “T” formation.

“Dinbestefest.no AS is very satisfied with K-array’ products and we have delivered sound for various events, from private parties and RUSS (the Norwegian grad students that equips buses with lights and sound systems for big parties to celebrate) to jazz concerts and electonic festivals. We used four KMT21 and two KP102 for a 6mx6m DJ-tent at the Solar Weekend Festival in Oslo, and got a lot of positive feedback on the sound versus the size from both the arrangers and the audience.”

info: www.k-array.com

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