K-array in Korea, sound in sermons

Sunbeom Kim of SOUNDUS, K-array’s Korean distributor and Giwook Cha, of Soundenergy have some interesting installation projects to share in some of Seoul’s most important houses of worship.
Worship is one of the most  roles of a service, so when it was time to upgrade the existing audio system in Do-ha Methodist church, located in Ansan-si, Gyeongg, the new system had to have two main features. Firstly it had to be architecturally unobtrusive so as not to affect the décor within the main sanctuary of the church. Secondly, it needed to be easy to operate. With this in mind, a K-array blueline KB1 speaker system provided a clear sound with a rich base to support the worship team. “The pastor was surprised to hear how well the thin and small speaker performed. Also, he liked the design of the speakers which looked much slimmer and neater compared to the old system” Giwook Cha commented.
Similarily, the new audio system in Noryangin church in Bon-dong needed a design speaker that harmonized with the interior: slimmer and clearer compared to the system that was installed at the time. Soundenergy proposed the Kobra KK102 which was set up in one hour and 20 minutes. By implementing a world-class sound environment, the church was able to provide a more enriching experience. For Sunbeom Kim the project was a resounding success “despite their small size, K-array speakers deliver impressive power and sound quality, the only way we could have incorporated the speaker better with the architecture is if we had buried it”.
A special acknowledgment to Sunbeom Kim from Soundus for his helpful hand in these installations.

info: www.k-array.com

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