Oh d&b: That’s New

The brand new www.dbaudio.com now puts d&b audiotechnik boldly at the forefront of their website along with d&b system Applications, followed by one of the company’s fixations, Education. Everything that was provided before is still there; though initially it might be a little harder to find it.


The new website design replaces one that originally went online in 2002 and has intrinsically not changed since. Yes, subtle changes and updates to the imagery were made and many new products, stories and documents have been added over the years, but the thought process behind the layout and navigation has remained for over a decade. The new look landing page is displayed with a fresh logic for navigation making it simpler and faster for new explorers to easily understand what d&b audiotechnik is, what it does and how it does it.

One of the biggest changes is a design and platform allowing the integration of many more visual elements, along with functionality that gives those who know d&b direct access via a simple product drop down menu to any particular item from the full product range, as well as downloads and service through the minimum number of clicks or taps.

Have a look around: d&b, Applications, Education or Contacts, Downloads, Systems and the drop down Product list. Clear enough.

info: www.dbaudio.com

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