Bandit Purchases GLP X4S for Inventory

Bandit Lites is going full throttle into the second half of the year with the purchase of 200 GLP X4S fixtures. The latest product from the award winning series from GLP German Light Products, the X4S will make its worldwide debut with Bandit Lites as almost 100 illuminate Toby Keith’s Hammer Down Tour.

Lighting Designer Seth Jackson selected the GLP X4S as his work horse for this year’s design, and admits there was some initial concern, but any worries he had disappeared as soon as he walked into Bandit’s programming facility and saw the X4S in action.

“I was completely impressed,” said Jackson. “It is bright, it is fast, the color system has a lot of flexibility and they are rock solid. In our show, the lighting director (Eddie “Bones” Connell) takes the lead on programming the actual songs, as having been on the road with Toby for 15 years, he knows the material better than anyone. I tend to get out of his way at some point and let him go. He has a tendency to want to “shake the heads off those things” as he puts it. He tried hard, but to no avail.”

The X4S is a very compact fixture, measuring in at only twelve inches high and weighing only twelve pounds. Additionally, the GLP Impression X4S boasts power, flexibility and practically in a new revolutionary ergonomic design. With the capability of individually controlling any of the 7 RGBW LED’s, the impression X4S allows for unique programming designs and animations all while providing a homogenized beam with high output. Additionally, the 7:1 zoom ratio offers everything from a tight 7 degrees to a wide 50 degrees, all while providing even, vivid color.

“These lights are the core of the show,” said Jackson. “As a bonus, the GLP X4S is a strikingly visual element; in fact, they are the “set”, if you will. What Bones is doing with them is simply amazing. We are getting giant looks out of this relatively small rig, and such energy from their speed and response. Another thing that impresses me is the conservation of power on this rig. What we have been able to save having 83 of these guys instead of more traditional fixtures is extraordinary.”

“Bandit and Seth worked with a large volume of GLP Volkslichts a couple of years ago, and they always performed wonderfully on tour,” said Bandits’ vice-president, Mike Golden. “We have total confidence the X4S will perform in the same manner, and our thanks to GLP for all of their support.”

In addition to the Hammer Down Tour, the X4S will be featured on many upcoming projects with Bandit Lites including the Music City July 4th Celebration and the Forecastle Festival.


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