WORK’s UDA 16 and NATURE Series Shown at InfoComm 2013

InfoComm is over and the first results of the participation of WORK to the trade show underline the predictable success of the UDA 16 and the Nature series.


UDA-16 is a modular column with Line array shape designed by the acoustic team of the brand. It is composed of an elaborate system of filters and 16 transducers with a wide frequency range placed as a line array system.

uda_16Thanks to its cylindrical waveform (line array effect), it reduces pressure at only 3dB each time the listening position doubles (instead of 6 dB for conventional systems).

The control of the vertical dispersion avoids uncontrolled beams reflect on surfaces and audible interferences (reverb and echos) that make intelligibility more difficult. Thanks to the Uniform Dispersion Control of the beam, it is possible to maintain constant the frequency response in a wide range of the frequency band, depending of the distance, in the area that has to be covered.

It is possible to stack two columns together to get a higher SPL and controlled bandwidth. Thus, stacking two UDA 16 units, it doubles distance, controlled bandwidth but also low frequency (this means a better control of low frequencies). Il is also possible (on-demand) to stack more than two units, being specially useful for large installations.


People in the trade have also given special attention to the NATURE series. These speakers designed for outdoor applications(IP 65) provide high quality sound and feature an exclusive connectivity system. Two models are available: MR 110 Line (with rock shape and power selector 8 ohm or 100 V) and NGS 5L (with mushroom shape, 100 V transformer and 50 W power).



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