Chauvet Professional Nexus 4×4 Excites in Australia

Chauvet Professional Nexus 4×4 impressed again with its unique capabilities and reliability, this time at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, spicing up Timomatic’s first live performance of his new smash single “Parachute.” Nigerian-born Australian singer-songwriter and dancer Timomatic gained fame as a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance” Australia. His debut single “Set It Off” was certified triple platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association.


Josh Moffat of Events Infrastructure designed, operated and specified the lighting equipment, and also supplied the visual technical support for the 2013 State of Origin Game 1 pre-game entertainment. Moffat also has a long-standing relationship with the event producers at Time Square Productions in designing unique looks that work for both television and the live audience. Showtools International supplied the Nexus 4×4 fixtures.

Moffat used 16 Chauvet Professional Nexus 4×4 wash light panels mixed in with moving head fixtures and LED video panels. “The Nexus 4×4 panels were great. They were easy to assemble in the required configuration and worked straight out of the box,” he said. “We were looking for something different that provides a visual effect but is not the standard video or LED strip look everyone has seen before. They are so bright we had to turn them down for the cameras as they were overpowering the outdoor-rated LED video panels.”


Nexus 4×4 has 16 20-watt RGB COB LEDs and is capable of delivering the sizzle of a pixel mapping display and a robust light output. The combination of COB emitters and the clever reflector design yields a striking, diffused light richly drenched in saturated hues. Nexus 4×4 is controllable via Art-Net, Kling-Net and DMX protocols and features interlocking hardware to build large arrays.

Moffat controlled the panels through ArKaos MediaMaster V3 with the LED Mapper extension being controlled from a Hog 4 controller, using a selection of stock and custom content.

“We are thrilled to have such respected artists and creative minds requesting our fixtures for their shows,” said Chauvet Professional National Sales Manager DeAnna Padgett. “With the big punch, smooth lighting and flexibility that the Nexus 4×4 delivers, it’s an easy choice.”


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