SGM’s P-Technology Brings 364-Year-Old Castle To Life

Ulfsunda Slott, situated near Stockholm’s city centre in Sweden, is a castle with much history and numerous anecdotes. Built during the Thirty Years’ War, and having been used by royalty, the history of this castle is indeed a rich one.

The building has been in the possession of private families, a prime minister, the county council and has now returned to private ownership — furniture designer from Svensk Inredning (Swedish Interior) Torbjörn Blomqvist, who initiated a major renovation upon the acquisition in 1999. Now the 1600’s have met the 2000s in an amazing contrast, and the castle is now ranked as Sweden’s number one luxury hotel, featuring facilities for art showrooms, conferences and restaurants.

In this unique environment, every detail is of high importance. The illumination of the castle by night has been a challenging task for Blomqvist, and for the owner of design and installation company MegaEl AB, Pelle Nyström. With previous tests of other equipment resulting in rejection due to the size of the fixtures and their low output, Nyström looked for an innovative solution and came into contact with SGM.

SGM Sweden conducted an onsite test together with MegaEl to prove to Blomqvist that the bright SGM P-5 wash light was the right solution for this installation, despite – and possibly because of – its small footprint. With a convinced customer, just four units were needed for this fixed installation, lighting up the entire front and rear of the castle. The mounting positions were fixed on the roof of the adjacent annex buildings, meeting another obstacle of providing a powerful light output from a distance. However, as stated by SGM Sweden’s Mikael Uddh; “I had no doubt that the P-5 was the right product for this installation and it certainly overcame each challenge/”

MegaEl takes pride in its professional role as advisor, finding attractive and intelligent solutions to clients’ lighting problems. As a first hands-on with SGM’s products, the owner of MegaEl was very pleased with the experience. Nyström was in particular excited about the W-DMX of the P-5 and comments: “I was stunned when I saw the output of the P-5 and it’s nice that it has built-in wireless receivers, simplifying installations in old buildings as Ulfsunda Slott, where pulling new cables are not always permitted.”


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