d&b ArrayCalc Version 7 is a Reality

Software development led the way at the d&b audiotechnik stand at ABTT this year. The d&b team were on hand to offer advice, explanation and support to customers wanting to use Version 7 of ArrayCalc. This free software update is the ultimate acoustic simulation tool from d&b: the solution to achieving a room full of sound.


To provide more information and enable visitors to see the software in action, Oran Burns of d&b Education and Application Support presented ‘Sound System Planning; your virtual design’ in Room B on the Blue Floor as part of the ABTT seminar program. “The ArrayCalc V7 represents a big step forward in the world of the acoustic simulation tool,” explains Burns. “It includes functionality to perform acoustic simulations with a number of d&b point source loudspeakers. ArrayCalc V7 betters previous versions in several ways: most significantly it simplifies the process of creating remote control workspaces for line arrays as well as point sources, via an export function into the d&b R1 Remote control software. We feel that being able to demonstrate this live in a seminar environment is a really effective way of supporting designers and engineers who are interested in using this rather clever piece of kit to their advantage.”

To achieve the reality of sound however, software alone is simply not enough. Also on show at stand number 143 in the Orange Hall were the little brothers of the d&b loudspeaker range namely the E-Series. The E4 and E5 are lightweight two-way passive loudspeakers designed for speech and playback applications while their slightly weightier siblings, the E6 and E8 are suitable for stand-alone use for live performance or monitors but can also integrate themselves happily into a much larger sound reinforcement system.


For the installation market, the 4S, 5S and the 8S from the White range were alongside their little cousins. The tiniest loudspeaker from the xS-Series, the 4S, weighs in at less than one kilogram but is still able to pack a mighty punch delivering up to 115 dB SPL. Next in line, the 5S is still an ultra compact cabinet but sports a touch more muscle than its baby brother. The 8S is a full range loudspeaker: its frequency response from 70 Hz to 20 kHz allows it to function alone or be supplemented by subwoofers from the xS-Series.

info: www.dbaudio.com

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