Chauvet Lights East Village Arts Club in Liverpool

A premier arts and culture club featuring live music, arts events and casual dining, East Village Arts Club in the student district of Liverpool, captivates big crowds with a variety of Chauvet gear, including fixtures from CHAUVET DJ, CHAUVET Professional and TRUSST.

Converted from the building of the old Royal Institute of Arts & Science, the 700-plus capacity venue is the latest addition to the expanding MAMA Group. Lighting and rigging design company Utopium London Ltd. permanently installed the Chauvet LED gear throughout the club’s four rooms: a restaurant, club space, loft area and chill out room. TRUSST trussing makes up the ground support system on each of the two stages and for the front of house trusses.


“Our main priority was to use lighting technology which bought the re-developed venue into the 21st century. After predominantly using LED fixtures from Chauvet’s range throughout the installation, we made a conscious decision to continue this theme across the whole venue for design, effect and energy reasons,” said Project Manager Angus Chinn. “The products we used are modern and current, accentuating the overall look of the new space.”

For the stage in the main room Chinn chose rugged CHAUVET DJ COLORbar SMD LED strip lights, CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Beam LED 350 super-bright beam fixtures, CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Scan 300 and CHAUVET DJ Impulse 648 strobe lights. Chinn also used lights from the CHAUVET Professional brand, including Q-Wash 560Z-LED wash lights and Q-Spot 560-LED moving yokes — all hung on a myriad of 2- and 3-meter truss sticks from TRUSST. Additionally, 12 CHAUVET Professional COLORado Zoom Tour wash lights warm the truss in the same room.

“East Village Arts Club is a multi-purpose venue, so our team worked closely with the client to understand the desired atmosphere needed in each room, choosing diverse LED fixtures suitable for 700 capacity club nights, relaxed restaurant settings, exhibitions and lectures,” Chinn said.


The loft room features more trussing from TRUSST and turns to life under the projections of two CHAUVET DJ Scorpion Scan 3D EU lasers, eight CHAUVET DJ COLORbar SMD linear fixtures, four CHAUVET DJ Impulse 648 strobe lights, CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 350 moving yokes and CHAUVET Professional Legend 412 pixel-mapping moving head fixtures.

An array of CHAUVET DJ COLORband PiX linear fixtures placed high along a wall in the antechamber for the loft room generate colorful reflections on an artsy display of human heads that hang from strings from the ceiling. Great for use as a powerful wash with the additional eye candy of pixel mapping effects, COLORband PiX is a full-size, linear pixel mapping fixture that easily generates video effects and animations when multiple units are used together.

For atmospheric effects Chinn added CHAUVET DJ Arena Hazer 2 haze machines and Hurricane 1300 foggers to the main room and to the loft.


Gear list:


12 x CHAUVET Professional COLORado Zoom Tour

8 x CHAUVET DJ Impulse 648

6 x CHAUVET Professional Legend 412

6 x CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot 560-LED

6 x CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z-LED

6 x CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Scan LED 300

6 x CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 350

4 x CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Beam 350

2 x CHAUVET DJ Arena Hazer 2

2 x CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1300

2 x CHAUVET DJ Scorpion Scan 3D EU


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