Audinate Now Shipping Dante Ultimo

Audinate announced today that its new Dante Ultimo networking platform is now shipping. Ultimo is an integrated, cost-effective 13×13 mm chip, targeted for low-channel networked audio equipment. Ultimo extends Dante networking to a wide range of audio devices.

Dante integrates media and control for your entire AV system over a single IP network. Set-up is easy, with devices that automatically discover one another and one-click signal routing with user-editable names. Dante has now been adopted by more than 85 OEMs, and is recognized as the most interoperable, smartest media networking solution.

“Ultimo has already been licensed by many of the biggest brands in the AV industry”, states Gary Southwell, VP of Product Management at Audinate. “We have designed Ultimo so that integration into OEM products is straightforward, shortening development times and accelerating time to market.”

While Ultimo was only announced a few months ago, IED, Attero Tech and Stewart Audio, have already developed new products using this innovative new chip.

“Our decision to deploy Dante is a response to feedback from customers who are specifying Dante as the desired networking solution” states Jody Green, Vice President of Product Development at Innovative Electronic Designs, LLC. “Audinate’s networking expertise is unsurpassed, and we are excited that Dante is part of our new product suite.”

According to Mike Sims, Marketing and Sales Director for Attero Tech, “Ultimo gives the green light to a wide variety of Dante end point applications. Audinate continues to add useful and forward-looking functionality to Ultimo, making it the pre-eminent audio networking solution for cost-effective, low-channel-count endpoints”.

Brian McCormick, Chief Marketing Officer at Stewart Audio states, “We can now design affordable audio endpoints for the broader market that take advantage of the network with minimal added costs.”


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