At Shanghai Auto Show, Meyer Sound Drives Audio for Ferrari, Maserati, and Toyota

Throughout the week-long 15th annual Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, more than 200 Meyer Sound loudspeakers provided quality, visually unobtrusive reinforcement for such leading automobile manufacturers as Ferrari and Maserati, among others.

Shanghai Huelead AV Equipment Co. deployed Meyer Sound systems for the stands of Shanghai Volkswagen, ┼ákoda, Chery, BYD, Fiat, and Toyota, with a total of 147 UPA-1P loudspeakers and 42 M’elodie line array loudspeakers dominating the specifications. Low-frequency reinforcement was supplied by four 600-HP and 10 700-HP subwoofers.

“This was a great event for us, and all of our end-users were satisfied with the performance of the Meyer Sound systems,” says Richard Du, senior sales manager of Shanghai Huelead.

On both the Maserati and Ferrari stands, Superb Oriental Exhibition Service Co. deployed main systems of three M’elodie loudspeakers per side, used in combination with single 500-HP subwoofers. Ten UPA-1P loudspeakers per stand delivered delay and monitoring positions, while processing duties were handled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with Galileo 408 processors.

“The wide coverage and compact nature of the M’elodie loudspeaker allowed us to minimize the visual impact of the audio on the stand while simultaneously delivering a big, powerful sound,” says Ricky Wang, president of Superb Oriental Exhibition Service Co. “And the Galileo processor made it very easy for us to put together a complex PA system.”

Meyer Sound systems were also used at the show on the Kia and Cadillac stands, with equipment supplied by AV Promotions, Ltd. Technical support for the various audio suppliers was provided by Shanghai Broad Future Electro Technology Co., Ltd., Meyer Sound’s distributor in China.


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