Rotmain Center in Bayreuth with Vertical Array System from Dynacord

The Rotmain Center in Bayreuth (Germany) is the commercial centre of the city in Franconia famous for its annual Wagner festival: around 80 businesses, shops and cafes make up the sprawling modern shopping mall. In addition to being a great place to shop, the Rotmain Center is also used for a variety of other events, including concerts, fashion shows and performances of all kinds. Since recent events had demonstrated that the existing sound reinforcement system was no longer adequate to the increasing demands being placed on it, those responsible decided to invest in a new audio system. For the design, planning and implementation of the new system, they brought in the Bayreuth firm of Schwankl Sound & Service.


In view of the diversity of uses to which it would be put, it was clear from the start that what was needed was a flexible sound reinforcement system: a system capable not only of generating plenty of SPL when reproducing music but also of achieving a high level of intelligibility. Nor was that all. “As well as delivering first class acoustic performance, the system had to satisfy a number of aesthetic criteria,” recalls Bernd Schwankl, the managing director of Schwankl Sound & Service, “and since the budget was limited, the price-performance ratio also had to be excellent.” In the light of all these considerations, the best solution, it became clear, was the Vertical Array System from Dynacord.


The acoustic performance of the line array loudspeaker system from Dynacord proved to be its trump card. “In addition to the clarity of the sound,” recalls Schwankl, “its dispersion pattern was of crucial importance. In the vertical plain, at 40°, this is relatively tight, but the horizontal radiation angle of 90° is wide.” This coverage angle was ideal to suit the unusual architecture of the Rotmain Center. The building is highly reverberant – rather like the vault of a church. “The two-tiered mall is crowned by a dome,” explains Schwankl, “and this, combined with the bare concrete and glass walls and the ceiling height of three and a half meters, posed a considerable challenge.”

rotmain_3To ensure even coverage, the team from Schwankl Sound & Service installed four Dynacord TS 400 loudspeakers on the parapet of the first floor. These were arranged in a fan formation, with each speaker covering an area of up to ten meters to the left and right of the stage. To ensure plenty more pressure was available if needed in the bass, a subwoofer from Electro-Voice was also included in the design.

“Most of the audience is generally in front of the stage,” says Schwankl, “so we opted to fly the subwoofer from the lower edge of the balustrade.” The result is described as a “beautiful, full sonic image.” Sound reinforcement to the periphery is provided by two Dynacord D 8 full-range boxes, with two Electro-Voice power amplifiers driving these and the subwoofer, and a further pair dedicated to the TS 400 loudspeakers. A Dynacord DSP 260 Sound System Manager adds the advantages of uncomplicated and efficient digital signal processing.


Not long after the installation, the system had its baptism of fire with two events following in quick succession. The manager of the Rotmain Center, Isabel Belka, draws a positive balance: “We are very satisfied with the new loudspeakers. The sonic image is exactly as we had imagined it.”


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