Laserworld at the Prolight+Sound 2013

Laserworld has exhibited at the Prolight+Sound for many years; in the early years, the Swiss company started with small and compact booths with only a few consultants but the size has grown considerably and staffing levels have increased every year due to the continued success.


At this year’s Prolight+Sound Laserworld was present with two stands of impressive size, the smaller and medium-sized laser devices were shown at a smaller booth, some of them in live operation with customers being able to choose which laser wished to view with staff assistance. The main stand was almost 200 square meters and was divided into two sections: a consulting and VIP section with a own bar, the second section were the high end devices presented through a multimedia show.


Like in the previous year a self-created and elaborate multimedia show could be seen which was especially designed for the Prolight+Sound 2013. No effort has been spared in creating an impressive show. A total of 9 high end laser systems where incorporated with video projections, a Gauze projection screen, multiple mirrors, water fountains and an extra wide water screen have all been used at the show.

The previous year the main focus was set around the launch of the new SwissLas Pure Micro projectors but this time the high end laser systems of Laserworld’s subsidiary RTI have taken the center stage. In the center of the show area was a RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35 with up to 34,5 watt. On the right and left side of the NANO 6 were 2 RTI PIKO RGB 11.0 with an output power of up to 10,5 watt each. Both PIKOs were upgraded with a grating effect, this effect was used to fill the stage with hundreds of thin beams in different colors with further 6 devices of the RTI PIKO and NANO Series mounted in corners and in front of the rear projection screen.


The Gauze projection screens were operated by DMX integration and were dropped down during the show. The Gauze projection screens and the water screen were used to create a 3D effect with a very special feeling of spatial depth; both types of screens working together really enhance a laser show adding a different dimension to enthrall the audience.

Various mirrors were placed strategically to reflect the single and multiple beams thus enhancing the visual perception of the quantity of laser projectors used in the show.


The complete multimedia show was accompanied by a specifically composed sound track with an overall playtime of the show of 5 minutes; the show itself was shown four times per hour, each time the spectators being completely captivated and some spectators and customers watching over and over again. Laserworld is looking forward to the Prolight+Sound 2014 with another spectacular multimedia laser show.


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