Outline iMode Technology at New Orleans Little Gem Jazz Saloon

It’s the classic example of ‘old meets new…and newest!’ New Orleans’ latest traditional jazz venue, The Little Gem Saloon, recently celebrated its re-birth and grand opening, and Outline was there to provide state-of-the-art technology in this old world traditional jazz style setting. Located at the head of New Orleans famed “Jazz Alley” on the 400 Block of South Rampart Street, The Little Gem Saloon has been re-born on the site of its original 1903 location. Jazz historians unanimously concur in that “no other single location is more significant to the founding and evolution of jazz than this one.” *


When it came to selecting the right sound system for this historically significant site, New Orleans-based sound designer and music industry veteran, Michael Paz chose Outline. “When I was approached to provide a sound design for The Little Gem, I immediately thought of Outline. Knowing that we would have two separate performance spaces one floor apart, Outline’s iMode technology was the clear and obvious choice”, he said. “The ability to monitor, control, and if need be, run the same program material through both systems simultaneously, was really appealing. Plus having it all at the engineer’s fingertips via the iMode App for iPad and iPhone, gave Outline the cutting edge advantage”, he added.

jazz_1The upper and lower performance spaces have virtually the same front-of house systems – three DVS12P-iSP self-powered 12” two-way trapezoidal cabinets in an L-C-R configuration. There are a total of five iSM112-iSP floor monitors in the venue, two on the ground floor space, and three in the upper level space, dubbed “The Ramp Room” (in homage to Rampart Street). In addition, there is one DVS118SW-iSP single 18” subwoofer that rounds out the upstairs installation.

Tom Bensen, Outline North America Sr. VP and Managing Director, visited The Little Gem and commissioned the system. “In a venue like The Little Gem, the sound system should be ‘invisible’, not so much to the eye, but to the ear”, said Bensen. “Traditional jazz music is akin to classical when it comes to its sound reinforcement needs. The transparent, crisp, and natural sound that the DVS12P-iSP delivers, is perfectly suited to reproduce and reinforce each instrument, note for note, without coloration. I was very pleased in the way the systems blended with each of the performance spaces both visually and sonically”, he added.

The original Little Gem closed its doors in 1909. It re-opened on January 20th of this year.

*As per The Little Gem website.

info: www.littlegemsaloon.com
info: www.outline.it

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