Coda Audio Enjoys Outstanding Prolight+Sound

Positive, productive and profound, these are the words that encapsulate another outstanding PL+S Frankfurt for German loudspeaker manufacturer, Coda Audio.

Positive: with attendance to the exhibition at record levels in 2013, it is probably no surprise that there was such a positive spirit throughout all days.

Productive: with so many attendees visiting the Coda Audio stand, the outdoor system demonstrations – even with the poor weather – the Thursday evening stand party and all other participant events organised during the exhibition period, the Coda team and its global business partner networks, made only one comment, “A totally productive event from start to finish”.

Why profound? Simply based on two points: the first was the shear amount of business confirmed; the second, the introduction of ground breaking new technologies and products introduced.

It is fair to say that Frankfurt makes its impact each year, but there was something more in 2013. Whether you call this success, awareness or growth, evidence, if needed, came in the form of the numbers of audio professionals who made it their target to be involved with everything Coda was doing.

Every major International exhibition results in a vast workload for all concerned, the pre-show planning, the actual implementation and the show itself, dominate everyone’s life for months beforehand. Add to this the time factors of manufacturing, R&D, testing and production of new products. It is a machine – well oiled and extremely effective in every way. Again, it’s no surprise that Frankfurt 2013 had such good results for Coda.

With four new products and one major new technology project, the company was buzzing with new things to talk about.

At the International Press Launch, held on the first day, Coda revealed three new, dedicated products for the installation market place.

Adding to its D-series, the new D12- 2-way passive installation system delivers exceptional near-field sonic performance in a compact hi-output 600W (AES) single enclosure.

The New D20 caused great excitement. A true full-range, 3-way point source single compact enclosure operating from 35Hz – 20kHz, with a 1000W (AES) output, the D20 is the perfect solution for those thousands of applications where additional Sub Bass cabinets just can’t be used, either due to space or budget.

Next to be introduced was the wonderful OMNIO5, a true coherent 360° omnidirectional passive system based on a 5”/1” coaxial loudspeaker, providing uniform 360° coverage and a frequency response from 80Hz – 20kHz. Made from solid aluminium and designed primarily for outdoor use in such environments as theme parks, hotels and airports, it was not long before the creative audio community came up with a host of other usage ideas. That was doubled upon listening. What an amazing product and what an amazing sound it made.

For the touring/large system market there was the introduction of the New AIRLINE LA12-B a sensor controlled Bass Extension system incorporating 2 x 15” sensor controlled bass speakers. Its introduction into the AIRLINE LA12 line array offers increased long throw capabilities, enhances the system’s low frequency headroom and provides that 15” sonic signature. It can be used in flown arrays or in ground stack mode.

Finally a glimpse into the near future, at an extremely well attended private International distributor meeting, the LINUS Project was introduced. The LINUS project is an all-new power management and DSP platform that will, by the end of this year, incorporate a range of two and four channel amplifiers complete with the most advanced DSP/user interface and communication system. Already in test and moving to field-testing in early summer 2013, Coda has invested large sums in both specialist staff and its own technology resources to be able to be, master of its own control systems destiny.

So everyone understood just where this project was at the time of introduction, and with some pride, the Coda principles were happy to confirm that all the Coda outdoor demo system at Frankfurt this year were being run, fully, on LINUS control systems. It’s real, it works and it’s the ‘Near’ future.

With such a lot of interesting developments going on this year, it is no wonder that from start to finish the Coda Audio stand was so busy.

One thing is for sure: they are going to need an even bigger stand next year.


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