ZioGiorgio and ZioMusic at ProLight and Sound/MusikMesse 2013

The Frankfurt tradeshow is once again over. For those who visit – and live – this important event directly, the toil is much: preparations for companies start months before the event and the energy expense during the tradeshow is high.

ZioGiorgio International Network and ZioMusic.it have been doing their part for years, with the aim of giving visibility recognising the work of all the companies that, in spite of the often large investments, face the German kermesse, the ideal theater to show their new products.

Paying a visit to all the companies is not an easy task but we always try to do our best, and if possible to improve year by year.


The result has no equals in the global publishing panorama of the sector, and I challenge anybody to prove the contrary with real data. We publish this editorial when most of our competitors have just posted some “copied-pasted” press releases and a couple more things.

Ours are opinion articles, market analyses, reports on products and technologies, written in a direct and simple language, in order to differentiate from those who just publish what the companies say and write.

As usual, we wanted to give you a “live” feed from PL&S and MusikMesse with “hot” articles at the end of each day and directly from the tradeshow’s press room for a total of more than ten reports – including both ZioGiorgio and ZioMusic . And we also offer you our famous “mega-reports” on audio, lighting and musical instruments immediately after the tradeshow, to give you a comprehensive and critical overview of the new technologies and products. Too many would be the links to every single article, you can find them all on the Italian ZioGiorgio.it version and the newborn ZioGiorgio International Network in English. The “music” sector is covered by ZioMusic.it.


Numbers speak for themselves, with more than 250 published articles, info, rumours and interviews. And furthermore, videos with product specialists and the main players of the market, in particular the exclusive interview with Michael Biwer, Director of PL&S and MusikMesse.

As editor-in-chief, I want to say a public “thank you” to all my friends and colleagues (Luca, Guido, Alex, Anastasia, Andrea, Cesare, Sauro, Cinzia…), either beating every inch of the tradeshow or working at the Italian headquarters offering all the support we needed. Without them, we coudn’t have achieved thies result.

And again, a “thank you” goes to all the collaborators and editors who continuously worked in the days following the tradeshow, when it is not so rare to “meet” on skype at 3 am, to check a rummy translation or asking for elucidations on a rather “creative” datasheet. Please, pardon us if some of the more than 300 names mentioned are not perfectly spelled…

And last but not least, the “Roman programmers team”, as we call them, lead by the stalwart Cesare, who designed and created the new platform dedicated to the tradeshow, as you have seen on the Italian Zio pages. (photo below, ed)


Our final thanks go to all the exhibitors and friends that we gladly meet among the booths and who always offer us a good coffee, some delicious “parmigiano cheese” and cool Italian wine. We send them a heartfelt plea: keep some decaffeinated coffee at hand next year, this will help us avoid finding ourselves awake in our hotel rooms at 4 am, watching funny videos on Youtube…

Aldo “Hucchio” Chiappini

ZioGiorgio Network

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