Waves Audio GEQ Graphic Equalizer Plugin Now Available

Developed primarily for live users (but sure to find a home in the studio as well), Waves GEQ is a full-featured graphic equalizer plugin with both Classic and Modern mono and stereo components, featuring 30 ISO bands plus high and low pass filters, a high precision floating parametric EQ bell filter, and a real-time analyzer.

GEQ Classic components use traditional proportional Q filters inspired by the renowned DN series 1/3 octave equalizers, which narrow the filter width as you increase a band’s gain; GEQ Modern components utilize special Flat-Top filters, which eliminate the artifacts associated with band interaction, and provide perfect plateau and stair-stepped responses. Users can set band gains one-by-one, or draw their curve via touch-screen or mouse. Finally, GEQ’s integrated real-time analyzer lets users compare the difference between two sources.


  • 30 ISO bands with selectable 6, 12 & 18 dB scales
  • Independent HPF, LPF and parametric bells per side
  • Classic component with Proportional Q filters
  • Modern component with non-interactive Flat-Top filters
  • Real-time analyzer
  • Zero latency



  • SCALE controls the maximum range of GEQ faders.
  • Q functions as a multiplier for the proportional Q algorithm.
  • ISO FADERS control the gain of selected frequency centers.
  • DRAG selects the method of setting the band faders.
  • LINK relatively links left and right channels, including all bands, high and low pass filters, floating Parametric Bell EQ and Master Gain settings.
  • FLAT snaps all bands to 0 dB.


  • HP activates the high pass filter.
  • HP FREQUENCY sets the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter.
  • LP activates the low pass filter.
  • LP FREQUENCY sets the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter.
  • PARAMETRIC BELL activates the floating parametric bell filter.
  • PARAMETRIC BELL FREQUENCY sets the cutoff frequency of the floating parametric bell filter.
  • PARAMETRIC BELL GAIN controls the gain of the floating parametric bell filter.
  • PARAMETRIC BELL Q determines the width of the floating parametric bell filter.
  • MASTER GAIN controls the output level of the entire plugin.


  • GRAPHIC DISPLAY / ANALYZER show the EQ curve, RTA1 and RTA2 input RMS frequency responses and the Difference between them.
  • INPUT METER displays input level (peak) in dBFS.
  • OUTPUT METER displays output level (peak) in dBFS.
  • RTA1 assigns the first input to the real-time analyzer.
  • RTA2 assigns the second input to the real-time analyzer.
  • DIFFERENCE mode turns off the real-time analyzer and displays the difference in frequency response between RTA1 and RTA2.


  • CALIB activates the Calibration mode which calibrates the analyzer.
  • RTA1 & RTA2 FADERS are used to adjust and match the analyzer input levels.
  • RTA RESPONSE sets the response time of the analyzer.
  • RTA1 DELAY sets the alignment of RTA1 to RTA2.

The GEQ Graphic Equalizer Plugin is now available with a U.S. MSRP of $200.00, with a special introductory price of $99.00.

info: www.waves.com
info: www.waveslive.com

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