Entec Gives It The Big Four

West London based rental specialist, Entec Sound & Light supplied lighting equipment for a massive one off show by chart busting Hong Kong based band Big Four at London’s O2 Arena, working for producers, Netherlands based Orient Touch.

Big Four_1

Entec’s team was Production Managed by Simon Tutchener and Crew Chiefed by Pete “Pepper” Schofield. The challenge was getting a substantial one off loaded in and set up and rocking in the same day… although this is something that Entec has honed to a fine art! Soundcheck/rehearsals were scheduled for 1pm.

The Entec team – project managed by Noreen O’Riordan – worked to a lighting plot submitted by Big Four’s Lighting Designer Lund and his assistant Boris.

Big Four_3

The lighting rig comprised three straight trusses and two bespoke trussing constructions which flanked an upstage centre LED video screen that was supplied by XL Video.

The moving lights included Vari*Lite VL3000 Spots and Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWashes, which were spread across the three trusses.

Big Four_4Atomic strobes graced the back truss and ETC Source Four profiles with 10 degree lenses were rigged on the mid truss, together with 8-lite Moles on the audience-facing rail of the front truss.

These were joined on the floor by 22 x Clay Paky Sharpies, distributed on the band’s risers and floor, and used for high-impact beam effects.

More Atomics joined these, also positioned on the band risers and along the front monitor line, Martin Professional MAC 250 Wash moving lights spaced along the front of stage in the ‘footlights’ position, which proved a very neat solution for low level front lighting.

Entec supplied four ZR33 smoke machines, one placed in each corner of the stage.

Upstage flanking the centre LED screen were the two scenic trusses, each consisting of a vertical box at 20 x 24ft with a number ‘4’ overlaid, all built from A-type trussing, and flown in portrait format.

Big Four_2

Each ‘4’ structure was internally lit with 17 PixelPARs that were used for some colourful and mesmeric effects.

Lund ran the show from a grandMA2 full size console, with a grandMA2 light controlling the PixelPARs in the LED structures and the smoke machines.

Entec also supplied trussing and motors to fly the LED screen as well as all their lighting elements.

Joining Tutchener and Pepper on the Entec crew were Sudip Shrestha, Will Mashiter and Phil Lee, plus semi legendary rigger, Firmin Moriarty.

The day before the show Lund visited Entec’s HQ to pre-programme the console. It was a long, hard day for the crew on site but everything was well prepped and the day unfolded smoothly and efficiently.

info: www.entec-soundandlight.com

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