DiGiCo Increases SD9 and SD11 Sonic Capacity

Hall 8.0, stand F60 at ProLight+Sound 2013 see’s British console manufacturer DiGiCo significantly raise the sonic capabilities of its SD9 and SD11 digital mixing consoles.

“In 2012, to celebrate 40 years of console manufacturing, we unleashed some more Stealth Digital Processing™ FPGA power to our SD Range of consoles,” says DiGiCo managing director James Gordon. “This saw the SD9 become Supercharged, increasing facilities and processing power at no additional cost to new or existing customers.”

To mark this significant achievement, DiGiCo also created a special package, which includes 72 mic inputs with two stage racks, known as the ‘Rack Pack’. This package offered a complete system at an incredible price, and future proofing like no other console can achieve.

“For 2013 DiGiCo has gone further,” James continues, “increasing the SD9 and SD11’s sonic possibilities by upping their sample rate to a maximum 96KHz.”

With traditional DSP architecture, this would involve some processing reductions. But, once again, Stealth Digital Processing rewrites the rulebook. Switch your SD9 to 96KHz and the same processing remains at your disposal, with the D-Rack delivering 28 inputs to 16 outputs.

Running higher sample rates increases the available dynamic range; on DiGiCo it also reduces constant system latency.

And if this wasn’t enough, for the first time, the SD9 and SD11 can be specified with a fibre optic connection straight from the factory.

“The feature upgrades last year, and now these additional ones in 2013, which double the processing resource required to deliver 96KHz at no compromise are real world demonstrations of the future proofing of our FPGA engine design,” James concludes.

“No other digital console brand has offered this kind of enhancement after product release, let alone at no cost.”

info: www.digico.biz

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