Lab.gruppen Sets New Benchmark with IPD Series Amplifiers

The introduction of the new IPD (Intelligent Power Drive) Series from renowned Swedish amplifier manufacturer Lab.gruppen, marks a breakthrough in networked and DSP-enabled power amplifiers. In a sleek and ultra-compact package, IPD Series amplifiers unite – for the first time – renowned Lab.gruppen performance and reliability with cutting-edge DSP features and surprising affordability.

Thorough inspired design, IPD Series packs more features and greater power density into a 1U frame than found in most competitive 2U platforms. Two power configurations are available, IPD 1200 and IPD 2400, with power outputs (at 4 ohms) of 2 x 600 W and 2 x 1200 W, respectively. Both incorporate integrated DSP, networked monitoring and control via computer or iPad, a 4-channel input matrix, fully configurable front panel controls with graphic display, analogue and AES3 inputs (with redundant failover), definitive Lab.gruppen limiters, and impeccable build quality.

At the heart of the IPD Series platform is a powerful DSP engine equipped with a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input delay, output delay, and high-pass and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency. A Software Configurable Voltage Peak Limiter (SCVPL) tailors outputs to load conditions, maintaining pristine sound quality, while a 4-channel input mixer provides flexible input routing. Parameters may be stored in up to 100 user-defined presets, and all processing power is harnessed for easy use through the intuitive, touch-based GUI of IntelliDrive Controller. Available for PC, Mac and as a dedicated iPad app, this powerful software interface enables fast and accurate remote system tuning over Ethernet or wirelessly via a suitable WiFi router.

IPD Series’ sleek front panel echoes the aesthetic of Lab.gruppen’s flagship PLM (Powered Loudspeaker Management) Series, with both models featuring integrated rack handles, a backlit graphic display with horizontal VU meters, push-buttons for mute and menu navigation, and a rotary encoder. Extensive rear-panel connections include paired XLR analogue inputs with link outputs; XLR input and link output for AES3 digital; binding post and speakON output connectors with both channels available via one speakon; Ethernet networking connection, and locking IEC power connector. Comprehensive connection, control and monitoring facilities ensure that the IPD Series is equally matched to the demands of fixed install applications as it is ready for the rigours of touring audio.

“When my father, Kenneth Anderson, and Dan Bavholm started Lab.gruppen, their goal was to serve the local musical community with great-sounding and affordable products.” recalls Martin Andersson, Lab.gruppen’s Product Manager for Touring. “Over the last 30 years we have advanced our technology to create innovative, ‘best-in-class’ power amplifiers, including the legendary fP Series and our flagship PLM Series – the platform of choice for international touring and prestige installations. Now with IPD Series, we’ve put everything we’ve learned into a product that will serve a wider market – delivering on both performance and value.”


Weighing in at just 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs) for IPD 1200 and 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs) for IPD 2400, IPD Series marks a real game-change in the marketplace for intelligent amplifiers.


  • 2 models – 2 x 600 W or 2 x 1200 W (at 4 ohms)
  • 1U frame for high power density
  • Powerful DSP with a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope adjustable parametric EQs
  • 2s input and output delay (4s total)
  • Networked control via IntelliDrive Controller touch-based GUI (Windows, Mac, iPad)
  • Software configurable limiters (SCVPL)
  • AES3 & analogue inputs with redundant failover
  • Full control and VU metering via front panel display
  • 100 user-definable presets
  • 4-channel input mixer
  • 3 year warranty


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