Blockbuster Launches for Martin at Prolight + Sound 2013

Martin has chosen the leading international trade fair for event technology for the world premiere of its MAC Viper Family luminaires, as well as a completely new product range – RUSH. Other product launches include the final luminaires in the MAC III series, new products in Martin’s creative video series, a new flagship lighting console, and much more.

Product launches

RUSH: Light in the fast lane! Get up to speed at Stand A93, Hall 9.


MAC Viper Profile: With over 26000 lumens of power from a 1000-watt HID source, this award-winning profile workhorse is convincingly brighter than 1200-watt fixtures and also outperforms them in terms of speed and compactness.
MAC Viper Performance: The MAC Viper Performance is a full-feature framing fixture that delivers an output and performance never before seen in a fixture this size or one using so little power. Like the MAC Viper Profile, extra focus has been placed on light quality with the Viper Performance housing the same high quality optical system. The framing system consists of four shutter blades that can all individually adjust +/- 30° while the entire system can rotate +/- 55°.
MAC Viper AirFx: The MAC Viper AirFX is a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire. Featuring a great selection of all-new gobo designs and capable of snapping or fading into a wash light at any point, output from its 1000-watt lamp exceeds any larger and more power-demanding 1500-watt profile fixture.
MAC Viper Wash: The MAC Viper Wash is a full-range Fresnel fixture that features an outstanding quality of light with superior color mixing and excellent color stability across the entire beam. Simply put, this cost effective luminaire does what a good wash light should and does it well! It also maintains near full efficiency throughout its entire zoom range with no visible beam jump when zooming from tight to wide.
MAC Viper Wash DX: The MAC Viper Wash DX is a full-feature, full-range wash luminaire with a unique internal barndoor system (shutters) that enables designers to shape and control light projection with great precision. The internal framing system makes it a highly capable, automated substitute for a conventional daylight Fresnel fixture.
MAC III AirFX: The 1500-watt MAC III AirFX is an extremely bright and highly versatile lighting fixture, a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire.
MAC III Wash: The MAC III Wash is a high-performance wash luminaire with a unique internal barndoor system (shutters), a full-feature, full-range 1500-watt wash light with outstanding light quality and output.

M6: The M6 is the new flagship of Martin’s M-Series consoles. Through an innovative design, the M6 offers power, flexibility and the renowned ease of use of the M-Series software. With 44 direct access playbacks, onboard processing for up to 64 DMX Universes, 2 multi-touch screens, 2 additional touchscreens, 17 encoders and the newly designed FastBlend T-bar module, the M6 is more than just a lighting console.


M-PC Free Edition: Get the power of the M-Series on your computer for free with the M-PC Free edition. The M-PC now allows anyone to output one Universe over Artnet and Enttec USB device and two DMX Universes on the Martin Duo DMX without the need for a Martin One-Key license dongle.

VC-Strip: The VC-Strip family of narrow LED video strips is ideal for integration of video into stage and set designs, interiors, custom set elements and more. VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colors for optimal uniformity and quality and are driven by Martin’s award-winning P3 System Controller family for smooth playback that outperforms any DMX-based system. They are available in various lengths and can even be cut to required length on-site.
New accessories for VC-Dot family: A collection of new accessories for Martin’s VC-Dot family of LED strings is available. The new accessories range from mounting profiles and mounting clips to alternative diffusers and outdoor power solutions, making the VC-Dot family even more versatile.

P3 System Controller Software Version 3.0.0: Version 3.0.0 of the P3 System Controller software brings a range of exciting new features and improvements to the award-winning P3 System Controller family including support for Martin’s VC-Series of creative LED video products (Grid, Strip, Dot) and much more.

EC-Series Creativity Pack: To allow for more creative layouts using Martin’s EC-10 and EC-20 LED video panels, Martin offers a Creativity Pack that allows a panel to be rigged in any possible orientation with input/output connectors that allow for daisy-chaining of panels with cables. This makes the EC-Series the ideal product for both standard rectangular screens and creative (random) panel layouts.

AF-1 Mkll fanJem AF-1 Mkll: Improvements in digital electronics has made Martin’s industry-standard compact fan more responsive and even more versatile. Advancements in control, rotation, speed range and increment adjustment have raised the bar for quality, performance and durability. Fully DMX controllable, it is the ideal fan for a large variety of indoor or outdoor applications from touring and stage to theme parks, cruise ships and much more.

Pro Clean Supreme: This pure, high-performing cleaning fluid has been tried and tested by Martin for years and has now been made available to the market. Specially designed for optimum performance while providing longevity of the heat exchanger, using Pro Clean Supreme on a regular basis reduces clogging and extends the life of Martin haze and smoke machines.


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