New Developments from W-DMX

The W-DMX G4S software platform includes an improved adaptive frequency hopping algorithm that improves the plug and play use in crowded radio spectrum situations and better avoids interference from Wi-Fi, DECT Phones, Intercom and more. The adaptive frequency hopping technology has been granted a patent in the USA and patent pending in the EU.

G4S also has a new Invisi-Wire MK2 with support for wireless software updates, which will make it possible to perform wireless software updates to all your receivers, with an easy connection to your transmitters with all receivers updated at the same time.

Another new feature is W-DMX Slot In, a new module that makes it easy to retrofit for the market and is available for both transmitters and receivers. With an extremely small investment, manufacturers can prepare all units for the W-DMX Slot In and clients can later purchase the module. It is appropriate for products in which a wireless module is too high an expense to keep it as standard or for products that only want to offer a wireless option on products without a big investment.


New G4S products on display include:
BlackBox G4S MK2 – The most flexible wireless product on the market. First, it supports the easiest use for clients with support of: Quicklock Clamp, DIN Rail installation as well as rack mount – all from one unit. Pure plug and play. Wireless Solution prides itself on delivering what clients request, with the new MK2 delivered standard with both 5-Pin and 3-Pin DMX to fit the global needs for different DMX cables. It also comes standard with Neutric Powercon and Ethercon, all in a sleek die-cast aluminum mould from Wireless Solution as expected.

WhiteBox G4S MK2 – The W-DMX WhiteBox series is the solution for architectural and entertainment projects that require the reliability and ease of use of W-DMX products, in a weatherproof IP-65 rated casing. All functions are the same as the BlackBox Series with standard RDM on F-series and optional Ethernet Support to convert any protocol in, to any protocol out. All the F-Series are the most versatile and flexible Units on the market, which you can change on the fly between Transmitter and Receiver. Pure Transceiver technology.

With a range of IP-65 antennas available that have proven compatibility with the WhiteBox series, and on-site support services, Wireless Solution can not only supply the whole range of Wireless equipment to an outdoor project, but also support to ensure that the installation is completed without any problems. Backward compatibility with the W-DMX G3 range of products mean existing installations can be expanded with ease.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution says, “We are very excited to show the G4S product line at Prolight + Sound. We know that users of this technology will appreciate the fact that we listen to what they want in our products and we deliver what they need.”


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