Introducing the First Generation of OMNEO-Compatible RTS Products at NAB 2013

The new RTS ADAM OMNEO interface cards transform the RTS ADAM intercom system into a flexible, IP-based, AVB-compatible intercom network. OMNEO media networking architecture goes beyond traditional AVB solutions by incorporating both industry standard Open Control Architecture (OCA) control and AVB media transport as well as IP-based transport, ensuring future interconnectivity with a growing number of devices.

RTS ADAM OMNEO products open the door to deploy ADAM intercom systems over any standard IP-based network. Most importantly, with OMNEO users are not “locked in” to other vendors’ proprietary backbone infrastructure. This makes RTS the leading IP open network solution for professional production intercoms.

With RTS + OMNEO, such essential tasks as deploying intercom user stations, linking via trunking and interfacing to third party devices has now become easier and more flexible. The addition of RTS ADAM OMNEO cards to any compatible RTS ADAM system means even existing installations can be networked over standard IP hardware with high quality, ultra-low-latency audio.

The product range consists of the RTS ADAM OMNEO card for the ADAM and ADAM-M intercom frames and a user station interface card for select RTS keypanel models. Both these cards fully update the connectivity of these RTS intercom products to be fully IP compatible.
•    The RTS OMNEO connection provides full bandwidth audio +/- 1 db from 50 Hz – 19 kHz with a typical latency of less than 20 ms
•    The RTS OMNEO solution incorporates a full DHCP client, mDNS and DNS-SD to support dynamic and static IP addressing

The RTS OMI ADAM Matrix Card
This card fits into the standard slots of the RTS ADAM or ADAM-M frames and provides a gateway to the world of OMNEO IP-compatible networking.  The card consists of the traditional ADAM front and back card components and enhances RTS ADAM systems with the following features:
•    The OMI card is available in configurations up to 64 bidirectional ports in increments of 16 ports on a single card
•    The OMI card can be expanded from the base configuration of 16 ports through software upgrades
•    A fully configured single compact ADAM-M frame can support up to 256 OMNEO ports, providing a highly compact single frame solution for many system installs
•    The ADAM frame supports an astounding 512 OMNEO ports, making it ideal for larger systems without the need for frame-to-frame linking

The RTS OKI User Station Cards
The OKI keypanel interface cards fit into select RTS user stations and provide native OMNEO IP connectivity for RJ45 Ethernet connections into the OMNEO network with optional single or multimode fiber modules. The cards provide a two-port switch onboard as a pass-thru connection to allow daisy chaining of keypanels if required. They plug into the existing header in the keypanel and come with all parts needed to complete the upgrade.

Using standard IP Ethernets, media products that integrate OMNEO can be assembled into networks of 2 to 10,000 cooperating devices that exchange studio-quality synchronized multichannel audio and share common control systems.

OMNEO’s media transport technology is Audinate’s Dante™, a high-performance standards-based, routable IP media transport system.  OMNEO’s system control technology is OCA (Open Control Architecture), an open public standard for control and monitoring of professional media networks.

The future of IP intercom has arrived with RTS + OMNEO. Come and experience it in real time at NAB 2013.


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