Visit from Russian clients at D.A.S.

D.A.S. Audio recently played host to a group of representatives from Russian clients LTM and Arsenal Music as members of the LTM Engineering Department and the managers of various Arsenal Music stores visited the D.A.S. headquarters in Valencia. Both companies distribute the full range of D.A.S. Audio products across Russia through a country-wide network of approximately 30 stores run jointly by both LTM and Arsenal Music.

The two-part visit began with a technical focus as LTM engineers Dennis Kaverin and Andrey Zhelamsky toured the D.A.S. Audio facilities to deepen their knowledge of D.A.S products and their applications. Eva Argandoña, head of D.A.S. Audio’s sound projects, gave the engineers an in-depth explanation of the company’s range of sound applications and projects, with specific focus on sound reinforcement system acoustic measuring and simulation with EASE Focus.

A tour of the company’s production facilities gave the two engineers the opportunity to see the entire manufacturing and assembly processes of the numerous D.A.S. products. The LTM engineers concluded their visit in the D.A.S. auditorium, where Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer, gave a series of talks that covered everything from line array system theory and configuration to the different measuring and simulation tools used in system aligning, including subwoofer cardioid configuration.

The second group— managers from several Arsenal Music stores in Russia, specifically Barnaul, Pskov and Ufa—visited D.A.S. Audio for direct, hands-on experience with the company and its products. The group, accompanied by engineer Immaculate Herrera, started their guided tour in the Engineering Department, where the Arsenal Music representatives learned firsthand about the D.A.S. Audio research, design and development processes. Here the group came into contact with anechoic chamber measurements as well as complete systems, and received explanations on the development of 3D prototypes as well as the complex mechanical design of the rigging systems incorporated into D.A.S. line array elements, among others.

After a thorough tour of the D.A.S. Audio production areas, where the group was able to check out the different manufacturing and assembly steps for the wide range of D.A.S. Audio systems, the group received a series of lectures given by Inmaculada Herrera held at D.A.S. Audio’s auditorium. The session was topped off with a powerful live display of the high-performance D.A.S. Convert and Aero Series 2 line array systems.


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