MIDAS Previews Generation 2.1 Digital Console Software

MIDAS Generation 2 software, unveiled at Prolight+Sound in 2012, added a host of new features and functionality to the entire range of MIDAS digital consoles including new FX and dynamics options, plus new ground-breaking mixing concepts such as MIDAS’ unique MCAs and “collapsed” fader flip. MIDAS are pushing the boundaries once more at PL+S 2013, adding a rack-full of new latency-compensated FX plug-ins and dynamics processing options to every console in the PRO series, plus the flagship XL8.

New FX plug-ins include a dual-channel KLARK TEKNIK DN60 Real Time Analyser, a KLARK TEKNIK tape saturation effect, sub-harmonic generator, multi-channel input phase adjustment insert, a fifth input compressor option, ducker mode for noise gates, plus a new “transient accent” gate option and a variable presence control for all input channel compressors.

G2.1 will be available as a free-of-charge download to all MIDAS owners.

“There has never been a better time to invest in MIDAS digital” says Brand Development Manager, Richard Ferriday. “G2.1 is further proof that buying into the MIDAS brand is not just buying the world’s best-sounding mixer-it is also investing in constantly evolving products which offer great ROI, an industry-leading development team committed to providing no-compromise solutions, and well over 40 years of brand heritage. When combined with our recent competitive pricing policy, MIDAS now offers an unbeatable value proposition”.

info: www.midasconsoles.com
info: www.music-group.com

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