Robe for Momoiro Clover Z

The show – also broadcast in several movie theatres around Hong Kong and Taiwan – was the final date on their 2012 Summer Dive tour and was performed in-the-round.

The girl’s lively set features numerous costume changes and some properly crazy behavior. On this tour, the main effect was a massive rain curtain which ensured they received a good soaking every show … to the delight of their enthusiastic young audiences!

The epic set lasted four hours and contained 26 pumped-up numbers!

Naturally, the lighting design had to keep pace with all the action onstage and so Hirotaka Kojima needed plenty of flexibility and multiple options in his lighting rig, which was supplied by Tokyo based rental company, M-Tech Style.

M-Tech Style’s Yo-Ichi Ashikawa recommended the Robe fixtures to him as the best choices to promote the cheerful, up-beat summer party vibes embraced by Momoiro Clover Z for the tour.

The impressive fixture count included 120 x ROBIN 600 LEDWashes, 18 x ROBIN 300 LEDWashes and 24 x ROBIN 1200 LEDWashes plus 40 x LEDBeam 100s, 48 x ColorSpot 700E ATs, 22 ColorWash 700E ATs all placed on the overhead and around the stage rig.

A further 110 x LEDForce 18s were placed on the stage and five runways coming off it reaching right out into the audience. The runways – which allowed the Girls to get right out amongst their fans – were five different colours to match up with the individual colour for each member of the group.

The vibrant, hi-energy show was matched by a lightshow equally dazzling and effervescent – a sea of movement, colours and effects!

Hirotaka Kojima was impressed with the energy efficiency of the Robe LED fixtures together with their small size and powerful outputs.


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