LA4-LA8 And LA Network Manager Important Update

LA NETWORK MANAGER as well as LA4 and LA8 firmware have been updated. The Full release pack (25th March 2013) with updated documentation is now available from L-ACOUSTICS Download Center.

This is a major release that includes:

•    Audio available within 9 seconds after power is turned on
•    Output delay extended to 680 ms per channel
•    LA8 comes with both LA8 and LA4 presets onboard
•    The routing (input selection) for the output channels can be set from the preset parameters menu

•    Compatibility with Windows® 8
•    New L-COM network engine with fast detection of units and improved protocol of data transfer
•    Enhanced contour EQ: zoom factor with wide range and fine steps, 8 IIR filters with Q factor up to 40
•    Universal firmware package included, auto-detection of unit type for facilitated firmware update process
•    Various bug fixes and improvements

•    Simplified preset structure
•    Integration of LA4 presets [5XT], [KILO], [KIVA_SB15], [SB15_100] and [SB15_100_ C]
Please take the time to read the ‘read me release pack’ before starting the update process.


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