Martin VC-Strip – LED video strip lighting made easy

Martin Professional is pleased to announce the launch of the new VC-Strip family of narrow LED video strips. VC-Strips are ideal for integration into stage and set designs, as well as interiors like bars, ceilings and walls. Fully compatible with Martin’s VC-Grid LED video module, they can be used together for more creative LED video designs.

VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colors for optimal uniformity and quality and are driven by Martin’s award-winning P3 System Controller family for smooth playback that outperforms any DMX-based system.

These flexible video strips feature a pixel pitch of 25 mm and are available in lengths up to 400 mm. They can even be cut to required length on-site.

VC-Strips are available in RGB, warm white, medium white and cool white variants. The RGB version has a calibrated brightness of 4000 nits while the warm/medium/cool white versions have a calibrated brightness of 8500 nits.

Real video
As VC-Strips are driven by Martin’s P3 System Controller Family, they run true video so no need to worry about stuttering, uneven dimming or lack of synchronization (as seen with many DMX-driven solutions). Also, the daisy-chain limitations imposed by DMX-driven solutions have been taken out of the equation as VC-Strips run on the more powerful P3 Protocol.

And as with all Martin LED video products, the VC-Strips are fitted with color temperature control, color target control and gamma curve control, while they perform at the same frame rate as your video source.

Keep it simple
VC-Strips are fed with power and data via Martin’s P3 PowerPort 1500, which enables daisy-chains up to 18 meters and, unlike DMX-based solutions, requires few cables.  Its four outputs mean that up to 72 m of VC-Strips can be run from a single P3 PowerPort 1500. To reduce complexity even further, VC-Strips require no other external box to work.

And forget about addressing and complicated mapping procedures. Map visually on the P3 System Controller by simple drag and drop; no need to address every individual VC-Strip.


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