Prestigious Chinese Clubs Reach The Apex Of Audio Quality

The processing power and ease of use that Apex Intelli-X2 processors deliver mean that they are being adopted in high end audio installations across the globe. Seven of the units have recently been installed in two of China’s most prestigious nightclubs, with six more installations to follow.

Club TNT in Xi’ang is an 850m2 venue which features a diverse array of live music and DJ sets, including pop, rock, electronic and hip-hop. The audio system was designed and installed by Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology, one of China’s leading production technology houses, who specified four Apex Intelli-X2 48 processors to control a comprehensive Adamson audio system.

“We designed the system with a matrix of loudspeakers, to ensure that all guests are covered by audio from at least two different directions wherever they are,” says Real Music managing director Richie Wang. “This delivers a very uniform sound throughout, maximising the enjoyment and experience for clubbers.”

The Intelli-X2 processors were chosen because of their exceptional quality, but also because their ‘plug and play’ design means that they are very easily incorporated into any system. “They are exceptionally powerful and flexible, deliver fantastic quality sound and are also remarkably straightforward to install and program,” says Richie.

So impressed were Club TNT’s owners – Nanjing Trendsetter Entertainment Management (NTEM) – with the system that they asked Real Music to install a similar one at their latest project, Club Enzo, an 875m2 venue in Nanjing. Here, three further Apex Intelli-X2 48s were specified.

“The sound at Club TNT and Club Enzo has really impressed everybody, not least the owners, who are dedicated to building China’s very best nightclubs,” says Richie. “Using Apex processors is an important part of achieving that aim and we look forward to specifying them at six more high profile projects for NTEM in the near future.”


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