Robe Specified for Stora Teatern Göteburg

The charismatic Stora Teatern in Göteborg is one of Sweden’s second largest city’s most active receiving houses, hosting a wide variety of entertainment – bands, theatre and dance shows, comedy, etc.
The theatre has recently taken delivery of its first Robe moving lights – ten ROBIN 800 LEDWashes – which were specified by Joel Karlberg, the venue’s Chief Lighting Technician. They also happened to be among the first of this new fixture off Robe’s production line in the Czech Republic.
The spectacular neo-Renaissance building designed by Carl Malmberg was originally opened in 1859, and from 1920 to 1994 used to stage opera, operetta and  musical productions. Stora Teatern is run by the City and stages up to two or three shows per week in a very lively programme as well as accommodating longer running touring productions sometimes lasting several weeks.
The main stage can be used in two configurations. One is the conventional end-on set up, then, with the addition of a raised platform, a customised traverse format allows performers to be viewed from both sides i.e. front and back of the house!
The new moving lights are part of a major technical upgrade to Stora Teatern’s lighting rig. Karlberg specifically wanted a powerful and flexible wash fixture that was easily portable and movable around the space … and that could be utilised for all their shows.
They had considered LEDs from the outset and initially received a demo of the Robe LEDWash 600s and 1200s from Fredrik Wideman from Bellalite, Robe’s Swedish distributor.
However for their very specific needs, Wideman recommended the new LEDWash 800 that was just going into production at the time.
Having seen the other Robe LEDWashes in action and the LEDBeam 100, Karlberg was convinced they met all the criteria and ordered the LEDWash 800 unseen – such was his trust in the product!
Being his first experience of Robe, so he also researched and sought the opinions of  others whom he knew were already Robe users. Robe came highly recommended by several people, including a very satisfied colleague working in the theatre in southern Sweden which has LEDWash 600s and MMX Spots.
No sooner were the new LEDWash 800s delivered to Stora Teatern, they went straight into action on the main stage for three episodes of Swedish Television’s “En Helkväll med …” (An Evening With) series, featuring three leading Swedish artists – singer Lena Philipsson; massively popular playwright, novelist, comedian & screenwriter Jonas Gardell (also 2012’s current Swede of the Year, Stockholmare of the Year and Gay of the Year) … and country singer Jill Johnson.
The show’s Lighting designer Lotta Hammarstrand used the LEDWashes to great effect in a rig that also combined the house conventionals and other moving lights that were rented in by STV for the occasion.
“I think they are a good solid investment,” concludes Karlberg, adding that the exemplary and very efficient service they receive from Bellalite was also “A crucial factor” in their choice of moving light.


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