XL Events Supplies Scenic LED for UK Premiere of A Good Day To Die Hard

For the UK premiere of the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, Twentieth Century Fox brought in Premier to produce the London premiere of A Good Day To Die Hard.

Good Day To Die Hard Premiere 01

Reflecting the full-on action of the movie, and providing a backdrop for the arriving stars including Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney, the Leicester Square premiere included a genuine ex-active-service helicopter alongside the red carpet outside the Odeon.

To add a little extra glamour to the heavy machinery, Premier brought in XL Events to provide scenic LED along the base of the 17m long flatbed truck on which the helicopter sat.

The low level of the truck provided XL with a challenge as there was limited space around the base in which to rig the LED. XL Events supplied 56 tiles of Pixled FX-11 for the event.

Pixled FX-11 was selected for the job due to its lightweight 450mm square tile size and suitability for outdoor use. The size and weight of the LED – just 3kg per tile – made working around the truck much easier.

Good Day To Die Hard Premiere 03

Content for the LED was controlled by one of XL Events’ Catalyst media servers managed by Hugh Davies-Webb.

Mark Rooney, Project Manager for XL Events commented, “With the LED being at ground level and the helicopter alongside the red carpet it was important to ensure the displayed content could be seen from above and the side. Pixled FX-11 was a good solution for this event as its 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle ensured that all attendees had a great view.”

Alongside Mark Rooney, the LED crew included Alain Demey, Sandro Bruni and Jolyon Olivier who rose to the challenge of installing the LED in the limited space around the helicopter.

Good Day To Die Hard Premiere 02

“It was a pleasure to work with the team at Premier on this event,” continued Rooney. “We always enjoy helping make their creative ideas reality.”

info: www.xlvideo.com

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