Post-downhill KitzRaceParty for VIPs in the snow with L-Acoustics

The best ski athletes in the world gathered in Kitzbühel to celebrate the highlight of the World Cup calendar – the Hahnenkamm Race Week from 22 January to 27 January 2013 including the renowned Streif downhill.

Kitzbuehel 2013, Herren Abfahrt, Aktion

STREIF! This little word is enough to give many skiers goose bumps. The “Streif” is considered the most spectacular and dangerous downhill in the world 80-meter jumps, 85-percent base slope and top speeds up to 140 km/h. The race does not allow any margin of error.

To celebrate the conclusion of the races a VIP party, “KitzRaceParty” was held, with the top act for this year Gloria Gaynor playing to the crowds.


Austrian L-Acoustics Rental Network Agent, Light and Sound, set up an L-Acoustics KARA and ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS system for the party. L-Acoustics SOUNDVISION was a great tool to guarantee a full coverage at every listening position for speeches and different styles of live acts in a difficult venue. As main PA, Light and Sound specified vertically hanging three ARCS (one focus and two wide) for left and right to cover the dance floor area. Five L-Acoustics KARA were flown for outfill and three L-Acoustics KIVA cabinets with one KILO low frequency extension as delay for left and right. L-Acoustics 12XT was used as near fill.

There was an almost seamless transition from the KARA to the ARCS WIFO system, this was way better than Light and Sound had anticipated. L-Acoustics SB28 and SB18 were placed under the stage.  For the stage monitoring Light and Sound used 13 L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ monitors.

At the entrance and chalet area 12XT and 8XT were used to cover every spot for optimal speech intelligibility. The whole system was controlled and powered by L-Acoustics LA8 amplified controllers in 7 LA-RACKS.


The response from the artists and Light and Sound clients was amazing – all their expectations were exceeded. The Light and Sound crew was also very happy to work with such a great and easy to set up system.


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