Sommer Cable Presents Micro-Stage AES/EBU Cable

It’s small and mousy … but meets all real-life requirements of modern live and studio technology. The new Sommer Cable Micro Stage is a highly flexible AES/EBU compliant microphone cable with a wave impedance of 110 ohms, which covers most applications on stage or in the field of installation technology.

Its compact cable diameter of 5.8 mm is ideal for use in combination with stereo jack plugs (e.g. for digital patchbays) and XLR connectors with a smaller cable passage like they are still very common in overseas or on the US market. It’s perfect for use as patch or MIDI cable and will hardly take any space in a small home studio.


The jacket is cold flexible, reelable and performs flawlessly even in freezing low temperatures down to –30 °C. Its capacitance is 48 pF (wire/wire) or 120 pF (wire/screen) resp. Thus the cable can easily bridge distances of several hundred metres with virtually no loss. The screen is made of oxygen-free (99.9999 % class N6) copper and has an optical coverage of 95 %.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: (2LI2Y0.14mm²)DY
  • Jacket, diameter: PVC 5.8 mm
  • Inner conductor: 2 x 0.14 mm² (AWG26)
  • Cu litz per wire: 18 x 0.10 mm
  • Conductor insulation: Foam/skin, PE 1.20 mm
  • Shielding: Helical Cu mesh screen with 0.10 mm single litz
  • Optical coverage: 95.00%
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Calorific potential per m: 0.22 kWh
  • Weight per m: 50 g
  • Packaging, PU: 100 m/500 m roll

Electrical Specifications

  • Wire/wire capacitance at 1 m: 48 pF
  • Wire/screen capacitance at 1 m: 120 pF
  • Conductor resistance at 1 km: < 130 ohms
  • Screen resistance at 1 km: < 30 ohms
  • Insulation resistance at 1 km: > 1 G Ohm
  • Wave impedance: 110 ohms


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