Stage Technologies Supplies Overhead Automation on Third P!nk Tour

Stage Technologies has once again been contracted by pop star P!nk’s Production Manager, Richard Young, to supply the overhead automation for the singer’s The Truth About Love USA and European tours. This will be the third P!nk tour in a row that Stage Technologies has been brought on board to fly the star and other performers in her show.

The Stage Technologies system, which features positioning chain hoists and wire winches working together from the same console, also includes BigTow winches, custom truss, AU:tour cabinets, and PC Wing control desks.


Stage Technologies Director of Rentals Services, Ted Moore, said, “We’re very happy to once again provide the overhead automation for P!nk’s show.  Our kit is very “tour-able” in that it’s quick to assemble for extended, multi-date gigs like The Truth About Love. This is our third tour with P!nk and we look forward to working with her team both on her US tour and then here in the UK and Europe later in the spring.”

Fans of P!nk know that the show, directed by Baz Halpin,  incorporates aerial performance during a number of tracks, including “Glitter in the Air” in which the star is dipped into a small pool of water onstage, before being drawn up again for acrobatics involving an aerial hammock. Whereas previously a winch above the water lowered the singer, for The Truth about Love tour Stage Technologies has crafted a bespoke track and truss to match the radius of the curved stage, which carries the star downstage to the pool.

The complete system included:
• 10 x  variable speed chain motors lifting five LED screens, two of which traverse across the stage
• Custom curved track performer flying system
• A high speed 3d flying rig flying P!NK over the audience
• 2000lb winch for flying acrobatic apparatus and performers
• The above system is controlled by Stage Technologies control desks running eChameleon software


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