Rental Companies meet Outline

A delegation of fifteen people at the helm of some of the best-known rental companies in the Nederlands, Belgium and Germany visited Outline’s headquarters for two days of listening sessions dedicated to the line-source systems manufactured by the Brescia company.

The aim of the meeting – organized by The Audio Specialists, the firm’s distributor for the aforementioned nations – definitely wasn’t just to demonstrate the systems, it was also to allow the delegates into the very heart of Outline’s philosophy by interacting with the people who have lived and breathed sound reinforcement for the past 40 years, making Outline what it is today – its technical staff.

The location chosen for the demonstration was the “PalaBrescia”, the city’s multi-function theatre (50 x 36.8 m) just a few minutes’ drive from Outline, where, at a height of approximately 7 metres, all the line-source systems manufactured by the company (with the exception of the GTO) were installed: Eidos 265, Mini-COM.P.A.S.S., Mantas and Butterfly.

Axel Nagtegaal, CEO of The Audio Specialists, comments: “This trip definitely left an indelible sign on the entire group. We were able to have a close look at all the systems, but also the component parts that ensure the unmistakable Outline Sound. These included the waveguides and the technology behind them – very impressive.”

He adds: “Many of the companies commented on various aspects of what they heard. I would like to add all of them good! The naturalness, spontaneity, the  acoustic image, the perfect combination of the mid frequencies with those entrusted to the HF drivers, and the completely inaudible crossover between sections being a few. For me it was the harmonic detail and transparency. Then, to cap it off, at decidedly high volumes, no irritating unbalanced tone.”

The fifteen rental companies were taken round the cabinet production centre, just a few hundred yards from the main premises. At the end of November, Outline installed a new CN machining centre, manufactured by a historical (Italian) company that is a world leader in this sector.

Stefano Noselli, comments: “The introduction of this machine ensures us a higher level of automation and absolute precision. Thanks to our long experience in manufacturing all kinds of cabinets, we have updated above all the work processes, ensuring even greater efficiency. The objective was to improve our productive capacity and, in expert hands, this machine will give us the results we require.”

Following the listening sessions, there was also time to preview the company’s future development and a question and answer session on Outline’s proprietary iMode technology and the 3D Open array acoustic modelling software, whose features have aroused interest among the world’s most authoritative sound engineers.

Chris Hinds, Outline’s EMEA Sales Director, concludes: “I cannot stress enough how important demonstrations are to our company’s future. Words alone do not sell systems, it is only when customers are put in front of our products that they truly appreciate what Outline has to offer. We operate in a competitive sector of the market where demonstrations and knowing the faces behind the brand can make a difference – The sales generated by ‘the audio specialists’ after our recent event reinforce this point…I’m looking forward to the next one!”


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