DGlink Stagebox Now MADI Protocol Enabled

Link, Srl, is pleased to announce the addition of MADI protocol to its DGlink series of products. DGlink provides the transport and distribution of analog and digital audio while facilitating additional communications, control, and monitoring signals. The DGlink architecture is modular so it can be configured to best suit the current needs and still be extensible for the future. DGlink leverages Link’s hybrid cables and connectors to provide a single touring grade cable and connection point between the front of house and the stage deck.

Supporting multiple digital protocols (EtherSound, Dante and now MADI) DGlink is a digital stagebox solution that is modular and 100% compatible with existing analog stagebox and splitter systems. DGlink allow a production company to run a single multipin cable between the stage and FOH that will carry all signals including Digital Audio, Coms, Analog back-up & Remote Control. Reducing the time for set-up and act changeover is more time critical than ever. DGlink is a modular hybrid audio distribution system that strives to address the unique and dynamic challenges a production company faces in today’s digital world.
Due to Link’s complete control over the designs of the cable, connectors, and circuitry, they are well positioned to transport the mixture of analogue, digital, and power signals now typical of many new systems.

Supports Dante, MADI and EtherSound protocols separately if simultaneously.
-Dante version works with conventional networking equipment
-Available in configurations up to 64×64 channels
-works with conventional CAT6 cabling as well as Hybrid for Analaog
-Mounts in conventional 19” racks for touring or installation
-DGlink can provide direct or transformer isolated analog inputs for conventional monitor and broadcast consoles
-High quality preamps remotely controlled by software or Yamaha consoles
-The DGlink AES-EBU drive module reclocks, rebuffers, splits, and distributes 12 channels of AES-EBU digital audio throughout multiple amplifier racks.

info: www.linkitaly.com

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